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English at Addingham Primary School is at the heart of all our learning, the skills learnt in English are transferred to support all lessons from history to music.


From Reception class to Year 6 we foster a love of reading by providing a range of engaging texts for the children to choose from. Alongside this, we also use a class or group text to read together and discuss. We use VIPERS questioning (see below) to teach comprehension skills.

Children are encouraged to read daily, in Reception and Key Stage 1 they will be sent home with a book linked to their phonics learning and a Reading Record for parents and teachers to keep track of the child’s reading. In Key Stage 2 children progress onto the classroom libraries, here there are a wide variety of books for children to choose from, these come home with a reading bookmark where parents can record what children are reading at home. It is important for children throughout school to read daily, even when they become fluent and very capable readers. Reading provides children with examples of writing which will help their own writing, provides them with opportunities to learn more about the world around them (or far away from them) and gives them enjoyment, relaxation and an escape to somewhere exciting.

When they have completed a book children are encouraged to fill in a book review for their peers to refer to when choosing books. They can use any format they like, below is a template if they would like to use it.

For more information at Addingham Primary School, please see the booklet below.


Below are the spelling lists for each class, in school we use games to help children learn these words. You may find it helpful to use these games at home when carrying out spelling homework.


We love to write at Addingham Primary School, writing across all subjects and genres. Each class has a list of objects to learn and develop. Below are some examples of our writing this year.