Mrs Wade

Welcome to Year 1!

It's that time of year again! We have been learning about our bodies in Science, and enjoyed creating these moving skeletons in our DT lesson. 

The skeleton dance is a lot of fun too.... 

The Skeleton Dance | Halloween Song for Kids | Super Simple Songs - YouTube   

In Maths we started off practising counting and writing numbers, then ordering them. Now we are learning about parts and wholes, breaking whole numbers into parts and then putting them back together to make a whole number. This is the start of the journey to understanding addition and subtraction. The children are learning to represent their number work in different ways, including  using concrete objects, counters on tens frames, numicon, bead strings and 'part, part, whole' models  (they are the ones which look like circles). 

To begin our RE topic we went on a 'scavenger hunt' with Abby the Owl to find examples of beautiful nature.  We explored the grounds and garden and enjoyed taking photographs of our findings.  loved opening up the spiky conker to reveal the velvety centre and the hidden conker inside.  We went on to think about how Christians believe the world was created. We talked about how sad it would be if this beauty was destroyed and how the creator night feel about some of the ways humans treat the world.