Mrs Wade

Welcome to Year 1



On Monday we had four visitors from the Addingham Environment Group who came to teach us about microscopic life which can be found in our very own school pond. We braved the weather and went to the pond to collect samples of water. We couldn't see any creatures in the sample when we looked with our own eyes, but when we were shown them under the microscope we could see lots of unusual organisms! They had funny names, like Ciliate, Cyclops and Diatom. We listened to Malcolm tell us about how these were the bottom of the food chain, and completed an eye spy activity. In Friday's assembly we were able to play a video which Malcolm made of the organisms from our water sample! 

On Wednesday we teamed up with our year 4 reading buddies to make telephones from cups and a piece of string, and Mrs Farmery told us how the sound travels in vibrations down the string. We could even hear a tiny whisper. 

We have had a really enjoyable week in school celebrating World Book Day, getting creative designing and making character spoons, sharing books and stories with our Year 4 reading buddies, going on a visit to the theatre and enjoying hot chocolate for a 'bedtime story' in the library. Our Geography lesson took us outdoors so we could decide if the area we live in is urban or rural, and our writing has linked with our Science topic on protecting our environment. We worked hard making little clay gargoyles in our art lesson  and they really are brilliant - such attention to detail!  In RE we finished our Christianity and friendship based topic by making a friendship web, symbolising the linking our year 1 team together as a friendship group. 

This week has been Mental Health and Wellbeing Week . The theme was 'connections.' 
Year 1 started off the week by reading the book 'The Invisible String' by Patrice Karst. We loved the story, and we drew ourselves in the middle of a page surrounded by our families and loved ones, and used string to connect them all together. We quite often do a yoga sessions and / or mindfulness colouring as one of our weekly morning tasks, and this week was no exception. 
Mrs Wellock helped us to decorate some biodegradable plant pots with funny faces, and plant some cress to grow our character some funky hair.  These were to take home and grow with our families. We have made feathers and thumb print tiles to contribute to the whole school art work projects, and also written positive messages on postcards to put in the post box for other people in school.  You can see our handprints on the wall outside our classroom too! 
We made connections with our local community;  Mrs Lynott, a local Historian (and teddy bear collector) brought in some of her collection of teddies. She told us stories about them, how old they are, and the story of how Teddy Bears became known as Teddy Bears. She taught us the differences between old and more modern bears. 
We made connections with our year 4 friends too, as we began our weekly reading buddy sessions. 
"I loved the crafting, especially the planting." Felix
"I loved reading and writing about Traction Man." Alice
"I have loved basically EVERYTHING!" Rosa 


It has been another fun packed week in year 1... 
We had a lovely visit from Lauren from the Dog's Trust, who talked to us about how to look after our dogs and keep them safe. 
"You are not supposed to stroke a dog on their back, neck or tummy if you don't know that dog because it might not want you to." Poppy 
We also had a workshop with a poet called Mr Peeks.....  He helped us make up short poems linked to our learning. 
"My favourite poem was the one about the poop!" Ollie 
We planted a rain gauge in a planter so we can collect information and create a graph of the results in our Science lesson. 
We have been reading the story of Paddington Bear for the last two weeks in English, and we finished off our learning by writing instructions about how to make a marmalade sandwich, and then using our instructions to make a marmalade sandwich of our own. Yum! 

Year 1 have enjoyed learning about what pets need in Science this week and have studied what transport looked like in Addingham a long time ago in History.  We have been busy in maths looking at what the teens numbers are and how they are made up. In English we read about Dogger, an old, worn, but much-loved toy dog who gets lost by his owner, Dave.  If you want to know how the story ends, just ask us! Our favourite bit of the week was a visit from Juliet and Harold from the CORAM life education caravan, teaching us how to keep ourselves healthy.  We are VERY proud of our whole-class artwork based on the use of 'line' by artist Joan Miro. 

We hope you all enjoyed our nativity play! We took photographs of each child which we will send home for you this week. 
And as if this week isn't fun-filled enough...we have had a real treat this week to make it extra special.  Steve from the Yorkshire Owl Experience brought 5 of his stunning owls to meet year 1. He introduced each owl and told us lots of amazing facts. We got to stroke each owl, even HUG Caspa the Eagle Owl, and hold cheeky Charlie, the Little Owl. 
Party day was great fun, we moved between the reception and key stage one classrooms to mingle with our friends and have fun playing together. We played party games in the afternoon in the hall - what a busy day! 

We are beginning to get festive in year 1, with glittery artwork for the village library and advent windows, and heart shaped tree decorations for the huge tree in the hall. Nativity practise is going well, we are looking forward to welcoming you in to watch it next week. Our writing this week has been all about Robins. We have a friendly robin pair who come to the year 1 class bird table every day, and they timed their visit perfectly for our Robin writing session. In History we have begun learning about information sources, in particular 'What is an archaeologist.' There are some big words for small people but the children are really enjoying learning and using them! 

We are very excited to have started rehearsals for our nativity play this week; it's particularly lovely to hear from you that the children are coming home singing the songs.

We have been learning about Owls in our English lesson; we hunted outside for owl facts to answer some true or false questions. We learned about more animals in our 'Animals and Their Needs' topic in Science, so we have found out many facts and been doing lots of lovely writing and illustrations in the lessons.

We have learned how to play a game called 'Ping Pong' in maths to help us to learn the number bonds to 10 by heart. Have a play at home.

 On Positive Noticing Day year 1 wrote each other positive messages on little tags which they could fix to their book bags and take home, and we enjoyed some Children in Need activities on Friday when we had a non-uniform / dress-up fundraising day for the charity. We really do have some very kind, thoughtful children! (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)

Look at our fantastic firework pictures! We enjoyed practising our mouse skills, logging in, opening the program and creating our work using the tools in the menus on 'Paint.'  We even had time to have a little play on 'cbeebies' at the end of the lesson. 

A super fun Science lesson on smell, taste and touch! 

Outdoor learning in our RE lesson......

We have enjoyed reading and writing about some lovely stories including The Enormous Crocodile, The Rainbow Fish and Sharing a Shell. In maths we have been learning about the 'greater than' and 'less than' symbols and comparing groups of objects and numbers. We had fun going on a 'listening walk' in Science to hear as many sounds as we could in and around our school. 

We have already had lots of fun in Year 1.  We turned ourselves into ROAR-SOME lions for our display,  played together and have begun our Year 1 learning.  This has included sorting and counting in maths, and 'Our Body' in Science.  We enjoyed a rock concert, and thought (and wrote) about how we remember Queen Elizabeth.