Mrs Wade

Welcome to Year 1!

Covid-19:  We might be at home, but it won't stop us sharing our fun times, smiles and fantastic home-learning. Stay safe everyone!  

Here are the latest pictures of year 1 making the most of their time at home...

Some more pictures of our lock-down fun (and learning!) 

A busy first half term...

The children are settling extremely well into the Year 1 way of life.  They are learning to read, write and count forwards and backwards to 20 using all our equipment to help them. They are beginning to write simple sentences with capital letters and full stops, as well as use exciting words in their writing. We are very proud of well they are adjusting to their new environment.  They have particularly enjoyed reading 'The Rainbow Fish' story and doing art and writing linked to the text. 

We have enjoyed making moving skeletons in DT, linked to our topic 'our body. ' 

We studied pictures of war medals and made our own from clay to commemorate Remembrance Day. 

It's Nativity time.........!    

Staying safe when the days are shorter.....  Our PSHE lesson about road safety. 

Our History topic has been The Victorians. We have really enjoyed learning about how different life was in Victorian times.   Mrs Ellis showed us a genuine Victorian music box and we learnt about bath time, chamber pots, clothing, children who had to be chimney sweeps and much, much more.  We spent a day at Victorian school - we had to pay our teacher, sit up straight, not chatter and do drill instead of our usual PE lesson!!  Whilst we had a fantastic, fun day, including baking a Victoria sponge cake, we decided we were glad we did not go to school in Victorian times! 

Healthy Week. We have had a visit from the dentist to teach us how to keep our teeth healthy. We also learnt about germs and how they are spread by doing an experiment with glitter! We have made a healthy sandwich for Paddington Bear. 

Lily's Dad, Mr Bui, came to talk to us about the celebration of the Lunar New Year.  He explained how the lunar calendar was a little different to the one we are familiar with, and that the Lunar New Year was celebrated across a range of countries in the far East, including his own country of origin, Vietnam. He told us about the animals which represent the years of birth. He showed us videos of Dragon dancing and firecrackers, and told us how homes would be decorated with lanterns and flowers in the lucky colours of red and yellow.  Mr Bui explained the tradition of slicing open a watermelon at New Year, the more red the inside, the more luck the year would bring you.