Mrs Wade

Welcome to Year 1!

Look at our fantastic animal models! 

Sports Week  - May 2021

Each day we had a sporting activity on our timetable - dancing, rugby, the big gym equipment, the scavenger hunt organised by Year 6 and of course the traditional sprint and egg and spoon racing! 


We really enjoyed coming to school in our green clothes to take part in Green Day. We thought Mr Duxbury looked very funny in his shorts made from an upcycled carrier bag! Mrs Wade explained why it was called 'Greenday and we learned what the word 'environment' meant, too.  We looked at pictures and videos of how the things humans do are making our planet poorly, and thought about what it might look like in 20 years time. The video we watched showed us some of the changes we can make to make sure our world stays a healthy and safe place for us to grow up in. Here are some of our posters and writing which show how we think we can make it better. 


We had such an exciting Science week! In our lessons we learned about the weather and climate change, and watched a video of storm chaser Jim Cantore. We made rain gauges from plastic bottles to record the rainfall - but it hasn't rained since! We heard about the work of Elon Musk and Tesla cars, and made posters about the roles we can all play to stop climate change.   We also had a remote lesson from the Life Caravan, featuring Harold the Giraffe. It was all about how to keep our bodies healthy. 
Then we did some other experiments just for fun - rainbow skittles, collecting worms (for wormy spaghetti!) and learning how to inflate a balloon without blowing. We even met Mrs Ellis's pet lamb. What a lot of fun! 

The children are settling extremely well into the Year 1 way of life.  They are learning to read, write and count forwards and backwards to 20 using all our equipment to help them. They are beginning to write simple sentences with capital letters and full stops, as well as use exciting words in their writing. We are very proud of well they are adjusting to their new environment.  They have particularly enjoyed reading the stories of  'The Rainbow Fish' and 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' - then doing art and writing linked to the text.  Click to enlarge the images.....

In Maths we started off practising counting and writing numbers, then ordering them. Now we are learning about parts and wholes, breaking whole numbers into parts and then putting them back together to make a whole number. This is the start of the journey to understanding addition and subtraction. The children are learning to represent their number work in different ways, including  using concrete objects, counters on tens frames, numicon, bead strings and 'part, part, whole' models  (they are the ones which look like circles). 

In RE we have been looking at the beauty of nature, and considering how we think the world was created, and how the creator would feel about the damage which is done by humans who don't look after the planet.  Here are some pictures of our scavenger hunt. Even in the rain we found such a lot to admire and be thankful for. 

.Its that time of year.......    here are our split-pin dancing skeletons! (We loved doing  the skeleton dance... )

We have been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy. The sugar-smart app told us how much sugar was in some of our favourite treats, so we can make healthier choices about what we eat and how often. 

Saying a fond thank you and goodbye to Mrs Boreham, our lunchtime supervisor.