Welcome to Year 4 

Running just as fast as we can!!!!  Year 4 has so much fun in the Sports Day races, they cheered each other on and celebrated the winners. 

SPORTS WEEK HEADLINES>>>> Year 4 completed an excellent scavenger hunt created by the Year 6s, joined in some extra rugby training, Mr Storton organised special PE lessons this week and we took part in some mindfulness activities in class

We took advantage of the sunny weather and headed into our outdoor classroom to work with decimals. It was great fun comparing and ordering the decimals.

Science Week! During this week we explored signs of spring and how habitats change with the changing seasons. We discovered how this impacts animals and how we can help look after insects like bees. 


We have been looking for signs of spring and we even had a lovely lamb come visit us. 


Here you will find useful information to help you in Year 4 and updates of our exciting learning.

As part of our Solids, Liquids and Gases science work we made chocolate crispies! The children at home also made some delicious looking chocolates. 

Year 4 home learners and school learners had a great time enjoying the snow! 

Christmas is on it's way! In RE we have been learning about the Nativity Story and finding out about the significance of different Christmas symbols for Christians, while also considering what we think about Christmas and it's meaning to us.  I hope you all have a magical Christmas. 


Chariot Day Wahey!!! We have read about a chariot race in our class text, Romans on the Rampage. The children have taken on different characters and organised a press conference to support their newspaper writing. 

Science lessons have been electric this half term! Here is a snap shot of our learning, we have been learning through practical activities and discovering how electrical circuits work. The video shows the joy and magic in scientific discovery. 

Roman Day

On 1st December, the children arrived to school all dressed up in their Roman attire. They looked absolutely fantastic. The children had a fun filled day making Roman purses and exploring Roman coins from the Manor House. The children had a go at designing and making their own Roman coins out of clay and researched which Roman emperors were stamped onto the coins. The class had the opportunity to play and explore with the Roman armour and played some invasion games in PE with the swords and shields. We also discussed about Roman banquets and explored other Roman artefacts. The team from the Manor kindly gave Addingham the coins, artefacts and Roman armour to borrow for the week.

In Maths we love to use a variety of resources to help us understand how to manipulate and use numbers. Working in our outdoor classroom is so lovely in this weather, we love sharing ideas and supporting each others learning through group work and discussion. 

We have been reading Roman Diary : The Journal of Iliona, a young slave in our English lessons.  Iliona has been separated from her brother and sold as a slave, we used drama and freeze frames to explore the characters' feelings.  Can you tell which emotions we are showing. 


“We is in Dream Country," the BFG said. "This is where all dreams is beginning.” ― Roald Dahl

During Roald Dahl week we read the BFG and focused on the concepts of dreams, as part of our exploring we thought about our own dreams and how we could achieve our dreams. To create dream jars we put our dreams in the jar to help us focus on them when we need to. 


We made poo!!!

In science we have been learning about the digestive system. We have learnt how food moves through the body, how the body collects nutrients and disposes of waste. By carrying out this investigation we were able to watch what happens first hand. 



As part of our Roman topic, the children made their own Roman shield. The children spent some time learning about the history of Roman shields. They have designed and researched ideas for their shields, and some have created their own idea that means something to them. In order for their final product to be a success, the children needed to choose the appropriate resources and equipment. We have all enjoyed ourselves and created lots of mess in the classroom. 

Keep learning your spellings, here are your 3/4 list and some ways to learn. 

Learning your multiplication facts to 12 x 12 is a very important Year 4 objective. Below are posters to support your learning.