Welcome to Year 4

with Mrs Farmery and Mrs Samtaney-Roberts  

Welcome back to the Autumn Term! 

The children were shown the story below and asked to think about how they may not be able to do something yet - but Mrs Samtaney-Roberts and Mrs Farmery will help them to find ways to achieve their full potential as we go through year 4 together.

In science we have been learning about how to stay healthy and began a scientific enquiry to answer the following question: How do certain drinks impact our teeth?

Watch this space to discover what we found out later on!

We have been enhancing our learning about Ancient Egyptians over the last couple of weeks by creating a piece of instructional writing based on our mummification of an orange experiment. We discovered how mummification of humans was done in Ancient Egypt and then applied this knowledge to having a go ourselves - with an orange! 

We have had a great week so far celebrating our love of books - we have become authors and illustrators creating a book cover and writing our own blurb.

We have had time to reflect on the loss of our Queen and what she meant to us, we would like to share some of the thoughts we wrote down.