School Council

Our school Councilors 2020/21 are:

Year 1: Hannah F and George H

Year 2 : Lily B and Larry H

Year 3 JG/JD: Darcy G and Joseph C

Year 3 LN/JM: Maisie S and Oliver R

Year 4: Erin B-W and Jack E

Year 5: Freya R and Toby S

Year 6: Lexie G and Elliot J

Our officers are: Still to be decided


Vice Chair: 



What we have done already

New Rector at Saint Peters church

First we had to get feedback from all the classes about what they wanted from the new Saint Peters church rector as Reverend Jill was leaving


Then we did Halloween. Normally we would do a pumpkin competition but because of where the half term holiday came we couldn’t. Instead we did a cake and biscuit decorating competition. Once it had been judged we had a cake and biscuit sale to raise money for Mrs Gregory’s remembrance Garden. We raised £167.35.

Green Heart of Addingham

This the big £100,000 project that our school is working towards. It will help the environment and the children’s outdoor education as it involves lots of new wildlife spotting areas. It will also be open to the whole local community after school and at weekends.

Just One Tree

On the 22nd of November we did a non-uniform day to raise money for the Just One Tree Charity who for each one pound they receive plant one tree with it. We raised £212.06.

Children in need  

 On the 15th of November we did a non-uniform day to raise money for the charity children in need. We raised £295.56.

Art Project for the hub

The hub did an art competition with the theme of my special Addingham Christmas and it was open to all classes from year 1 upwards.

Friendship Week

On the 18th of November we had friendship week, each class had a day to organize a game for others to play at break. We each had a tally chart and every time we did something kind we got a tally so whoever got the most tallies won.

By Harry and Mollie