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Year 6 2023-2024


Mrs Whelan and Mr Hughes

Welcome back to school and the new autumn term. We really hope you and your family are keeping safe and well and you all had a lovely summer holiday.  Year 6 will celebrate different areas of our learning that we would love to share with parents and the wider school community. We will show case on our website regularly, the areas of learning the children have been undertaking, as we navigate our way through Year 6. 

Ingleborough Residential 2023

We have finally arrived at Ingleborough Hall to begin our week long residential. Today when we arrived we were given our necessary kit for the week, walking boots, waterproofs and a rucsac. We then were shown to our dorms  to unpack and later on we were split up into day groups. All of Year 6 then went for a lovely walk up to Trow Ghyll, which was spectacular. The weather was kind to us on our walk as it only rained a little. Tonight, the children have taken part in “nightline”  which involves find a path through the woods in the dark, blindfolded. The children loved it and had great fun. We will keep posting our activities each day on this page. We hope you enjoy the photographs. 

Ingleborough Residential 2023 

Group 1 Activities

We enjoyed a beautiful walk today up Norber. The children experienced a gorgeous day weather wise, and we enjoyed a picnic in Austwick Park. The walk was approximately 5 miles weaving through the amazing Yorkshire countryside. We had fabulous fun! 

Group 1 

This morning group 1 went caving. When the group entered the cave the children were very excited. The children had to crawl through a narrow gap to get into the main cave. The challenges the children were faced with were all great fun and involved getting both cold and wet. The children came across a large smooth rock which was made up of millions of tiny fossils from thousands of years ago. This afternoon the group took part in problem solving tasks around Ingleborough Hall. All the challenges involved the children having to show teamwork and perseverance in order to complete them. 

Group 1

Today we went gorge scrambling at Barbondale. We had to scramble over some very slippy rocks and then negotiate our way up show steep slopes. Using ropes and a harness we had to ascend some very tricky rock faces. The children worked as a team getting all our group to the top of the gorge. It was brilliant fun and we loved it, 

Group 2

Today it was an absolutely glorious day in Clapham. The children in group 2 undertook the Norber walk challenge. Walking up the back of Ingleborough Hall, we walked up towards the Norber ridge. Looking at the amazing rock formations as we progressed along the top before dropping down into Austwick. After our picnic lunch, we continued along through the fields on the lower ground back Ingleborough Hall. 

Group 3 Activities

Today at Ingleborough the children took part in caving during the morning. The children had great fun crawling through small gaps, climbing over large boulders and negotiating water obstacles. In the afternoon, the children took part in a number of problem solving activities around the grounds of Ingleborough Hall. The children had to show resilience, patience and team working skills to solve the complex challenges!

Group 4

Today at Inglebprough we started the day gorge scrambling at Barbondale. We had to crawl through a tunnel which runs under the ground. The climbing was really exciting and amazing fun. We completed two huge climbs with the ropes which was both scary and brilliant fun. It was all perfectly safe as we were tied on at all times. 

day three for group four was fantastic from start to finish. The icy but sunny grounds were the perfect setting for problem solving and everyone contributed some fantastic ideas to develop innovative solutions to the challenges posed. After a hearty lunch, we tackled tree climbing which was a highlight for everyone in the team as they all smashed their personal targets - whilst singing an eclectic mix of 1990s classics. After that, it was abseiling which was equally as enjoyable and a pleasure to see them all achieve. 

Day four saw Group three and Group four merge to tackle the Norber Walk together. We had to take a slightly shorter route to avoid adverse weather conditions but we didn’t let that spoil our fun! Along the walk we played Blockee 123 and sniper before hill rolling and beck jumping. Puddle jumping rounded off a wet end to the morning and set us up for our lovely lunch in the warmth of the hall.  Our afternoon was filled with filming, game playing, quiz action then writing our diary entry. We are all ready for Christmas dinner then Ingleborough’s got talent 2023! 

Art - The Italian Renaissance

Renaissance is a French word meaning rebirth, which is used to describe the revival of art that took place in Italy from about 1400 influenced by the rediscovery of classical art and culture. It reached its peak from about 1500-1530 in the work of Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. Year 6 have been looking at two pieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Vitruvian Man and drawing a hand as part of anatomy. 

Religious Education

During this first part of the autumn term, Year 6 will be looking at the faith of Islam. The children will be considering the question, what does commitment look like, to both Muslims and to Christians. The children will learn about areas of importance within each faith and consider how individuals demonstrate their commitment to their chosen faith. This week we began by looking at the Five Pillars, which the children found fascinating.  

English - Black out poems

In Year 6 the children have been creating some wonderful black out poems. Inspired by our History topic on World War I as well as our text, "The Armistice Runner" the children have written and designed some very thoughtful pieces of poetry. The children also very much enjoyed this activity. 


In PSHE the children have been looking at friendships. We have been identifying the characteristics that different people may possess that make them a great friend to have. We have been discussing aspects such as loyalty, caring, loving, funny and helpful. The children really enjoyed this activity and learnt a lot from it!


Times Tables and Arithmetic

Times tables and arithmetic are essential for mathematics and we spend a lot of time developing these throughout the year. By building these skills, it helps children's efficiency, confidence and stress on the working memory. Here are some resources to help at home.

Other websites and resources to support learning outside of school.

  • Maths Problem of the Day resources below
  • has a large number of online resources and worksheets
  • www. has a number of interactive games
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