Year 6 2022-2023


Mr Hughes and Mrs Ellis

Welcome back to school and the first half of the autumn term. We really hope you and your family are keeping safe and well and you all had a wonderful holiday over the summer. During the course of the year, we will be show casing on our website, lots of the learning the children have been undertaking in Year 6. 

It's Tuesday, day 2 at Ingleborough and we have had a gorgeous day.  The children have been very busy. 

Group 1 - Completed the Norber trail, which is about 6 miles through beautiful limestone countryside. During which they had a picnic at Austwick Park.

Group 2 - Spent the morning tree climbing and abseiling before spending the afternoon gorge scrambling, exiting the top of the gorge to views of a spectacular sunset.

Group 3 - Spent the morning gorge scrambling, before spending the afternoon at the Hall problem solving.  

We hope you enjoy this small selection of photographs of today's adventures!!

Hello everyone! We have arrived at Ingleborough today and we have all settled in. After unpacking our bags and sorting out our dorms we all had lunch together which was great fun. We then got kitted out with all our outdoor equipment for the week ahead. We were given our own boots, outdoor jacket and trousers. This afternoon we all went on a walk together up to Trow Ghyll which is an old collapsed cave. It was spectacular! Tonight, after tea, we are going on a walk call the "Nightline". 


Year 6 each designed an Ingleborough diary to write all about the fun days that we have when on residential. Some children created pictures of the Ribbleshead Viaduct as well as some of the activities which we are looking forward to such as caving, gorge scrambling, walking and the problem-solving activities at Ingleborough.

By Ruby

Three Ships

Year 6 have been looking ahead to Christmas and our theme this year has been The Three Ships. This symbolises the three wise men who came to see Jesus shortly after his birth. Our display will be used within the school library and other classes were also given a Christmas theme.

By Hunter



This week we have been creating the Florence Cathedral by Michelangelo from several different angles. We used clay to create a tile and then used various tools to sculpture the design into the tile. We created some lovely pieces of work and all the children found it great fun to complete!

By Sienna


Positive Noticing Day


On Wednesday 16th November we had Positive Noticing Day in school. This is where people say something nice to another person to make them feel good about themselves. A person might say that someone looks nice or ask them if they want to join in with a game they are playing. Today, we made bookmarks and wrote positive messages on them and then gave them to another person within our class to make them feel happy.

It was great fun! (Lenny and Finnbar)

 Geography - Waste

On Tuesday 15 November, Year 6 designed posters about waste and the impact it has on our planet as part of our geography topic. We had many ideas like comic strips and colourful posters. Year 6 had ideas, about what waste is and we had many suggestions like products you don’t use and how they can be recycled at charity shops or recycle centres. The task was to create a poster that explained what the impact of waste is and what we need to do about it. (Ruby)

Computing - Web-page Designs

In Year 6, we have been designing our own webpages this week. The children have thought of products that they would like to advertise and also think about the accessories or related products that people may also wish to purchase. The children have been focusing on the purpose of the product and who is the target audience. 


To celebrate Halloween, the children have been composing lots of spooky poems to mark the occasion!

The children have been using alliteration and rhyme, as well as some brilliant illustrations to show off their wonderful writing!

Leonardo Di Vinci

We have also been looking at the artwork of Leonardo Di Vinci. During this lesson, we recreated Leonardo's famous paintings which focused on his three images of the sun. The children have recreated some fabulous paintings of their own, which we really hope you enjoy! 

Linear perspective

During the renaissance, painters made their paintings realistic by using linear perspective. In our art lessons, we have been exploring how linear perspective and the use of a vanishing point, aided artists pursuit of realism.

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our wonderful creations!

As we finish for the first half of the Autumn Term we would like to share with you the wonderful singing of the Harvest Rock and Roll by Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Mental Health Week 

In school this week, we have been looking at the importance of looking after our own mental health. The children have been discussing in class, ways in which they manage and look after their mental well-being. The children have also illustrated ways in which they look after themselves and the types of activities they do that allows them space to think.


This half-term in school we had a wonderful rock concert from Bradford Music. The children listened to various instruments being played including guitars, piano and drums. The children loved the concert and hopefully this will inspire some of the children to take up music lessons! 



This half-term in Computing we have been reminding ourselves of the importance of e-safety. The children have been looking at how we can stay safe online and also what to do if we are unsure about something that happens when online. We have also been looking at IP addresses and why they are important. We have also been learning about how information is sent on the internet using packets to transfer from the sender to the receiver!

First Week Fun!

In Year 6 we have been creating fun emoji's of ourselves. The children created their own character based on feelings or emotions they may be having around different aspects of Year 6. Children have included thoughts around our Ingleborough Hall  residential, SAT's and the end of year production!  




                                                                       Art - The Italian Renaissance Period

During this half-term, the children have been developing their techniques, including their control and their use of materials, with creativity, experimentation and an increasing awareness of different kinds of art, craft and design. The children have been learning about Leonardo Da Vinci and created some artwork inspired by him. 



Times Tables and Arithmetic

Times tables and arithmetic are essential for mathematics and we spend a lot of time developing these throughout the year. By building these skills, it helps children's efficiency, confidence and stress on the working memory. Here are some resources to help at home.

Other websites and resources to support learning outside of school.

  • Maths Problem of the Day resources below
  • has a large number of online resources and worksheets
  • www. has a number of interactive games
  • Rapid Reasoning resources below