Year 6 2021-2022

Miss Spinks, Mrs Monkman, Mrs Ellis


Year 6 made their own castles as part of their Tudor project. They were AMAZING!



Today we learnt how to use Showbie. This is an app that the children will use in secondary school to access work, homework and classwork. They joined the year 6 class through a code and could access a quiz. They worked in pairs to join with a username and password and then tasked to answer the quiz and submit their answers back. We also used the comment feature to let Mrs Monkman know how they found the work.

Jubilee Week


Today we kicked off our Jubilee week by researching about our decade 1950’s. We split into groups to find out as much information as we can for eg, sport, illnesses, food and fashion to then help us write up an article later this week. We then decorated our own piece of bunting to mark the 70 years. We also designed our treat bag for an afternoon treat on Wednesday. Finishing the day we made our own crown from clay. We looked at different designs and created our own unique crown for a Platinum Jubilee memory. Year 6 are looking forward to decorating later this week!


We had a fabulous day today celebrating the Queen's Jubilee. We began the day discussing and writing about an animation about the Queen losing her hat, it was great fun spotting all the secret references to British culture.  A cream tea followed, sharing our classroom with Year 4 we enjoyed some time together while eating cake and cucumber sandwiches. To finish the day, Mr Storton set up three bouncy castles for us to play on and it was fantastic!

Thursday's fun was painting our crowns, they are looking beautiful! We have also written some excellent stories today which we will publish on here soon.

Everyone looks wonderful today, dressed in 1950s fashion, red white and blue or famous people (dog) from this decade! 

We have enjoyed a variety of games to help us prep for the Year 6 SATs, here we are taking part in a SATs pub quiz.

Science Week

Two members of JBA came in to show us how they stop flooding, by planting trees, designing walls, building dams and using natural flood management. We moulded sand, added trees, moved rivers in an attempt to save the village from flooding. It was a brilliantly, fascinating morning.  

Science Week 2022

An engineer came in and spoke to us about how we can detect the damage of flooding to a locality. 

World Book Day 2022  

We took part in the World Book Day live events, wrote stories, dressed as our favourite characters and thoroughly enjoyed a week of book based imaginative activities. 

We have loved composing our own jazz music on the keyboards, we have learnt about the different notes and rhythms typically used in jazz music. 

Speed Watch! A police officer, PC Daniel, came in to talk to us about the dangers of speeding. We went out in groups and carried out our own speed checks before creating posters to encourage drivers to drive carefully. 

This art lesson was inspired by the portraits of the American artist, Chuck Close. It was a group art project which began as a lesson on colour and ended with the surprising reveal of a large scale portrait. We learnt about shadow, dark and light shades and how to create different colours. 

We went outside to observe how electricity is used in our area and used poetry to share our findings. 

To the north I see conductors, a metal fence, a plug socket and the bracelet that is in my pocket

To the east I see a house and a wire that some how gets higher and higher

To the south I see pins in the wall and the radiator standing big and tall

To the west I see a human in a large yellow coat

When I look up I see the sun and the wind and light panels shining big and bright. 

Martha Houlbrook 


We have been learning about microorganisms in science, today we made our own viruses. 

The Life Caravan came to speak with us this week about how to stay healthy and the dangers of drugs and alcohol. We were thrilled to see Harald the Giraffe again!


Day 4 Problem solving, great team work and leadership skills shown by all

Day 4 the final big walk! Mrs Ellis' legs must be about to fall off

Day 4 Tree climbing and abseiling. They were like squirrels 

Day 3 brought with it a very soggy walk. Children marched through with great spirit 

Day 3 problem solving and team building fun and games

Day 2.... The Big Walk. An extreme pace was set and kept up to!

Day 2 Caving! The children were so brave and had a great time

Ingleborough  - Day 1 

And so the adventure begins... 

We have had a great first day getting kitted out and then walking to Trow Gill.

This evening,  we did the night line and have also fitted in some star gazing too!    

We loved having the opportunity to go explore the new hide.  On the way we collected leaves which we sorted into groups, using our classification skills, when we returned to school. 

Science Day! We had so much fun today exploring light and shadows. We made periscopes, rainbows and watched when pictures disappeared. 

In history each group took a different aspect of Viking history, they studied their area of focus and created a presentation to teach the rest of the class. The areas covered, diet, 1066, kings and lifestyle. 

Welcome to Year 6, below is some information to help you in Year 6.  This is also where you will find updates on our learning and our Year 6 journey. 


Times Tables and Arithmetic

Times tables and arithmetic are essential for mathematics and we spend a lot of time developing these throughout the year. By building these skills, it helps children's efficiency, confidence and stress on the working memory. Here are some resources to help at home.

Other websites and resources to support learning outside of school.

  • Maths Problem of the Day resources below
  • has a large number of online resources and worksheets
  • www. has a number of interactive games
  • Rapid Reasoning resources below