Mr Clark: Year 6

Ingleborough Hall June 2021


Times Tables and Arithmetic

Times tables and arithmetic are essential for mathematics and we spend a lot of time developing these throughout the year. By building these skills, it helps children's efficiency, confidence and stress on the working memory. Here are some resources to help at home.

Other websites and resources to support learning outside of school.

  • Maths Problem of the Day resources below
  • has a large number of online resources and worksheets
  • www. has a number of interactive games
  • Rapid Reasoning resources below  


We've been reading the book BOY 87 by Ele Fountain. We were lucky enough to have a live chat as part of our lesson. Ele shared her ideas, and her inspiration behind the book. We were then able to ask her our own questions.

Here are some photos when she talked about her inspiration for her writing and BOY 87. Look out for some of our own writing which will be uploaded. 


Science - Animals including Humans

To continue our topic on ‘Animals including Humans’, we did an investigation for Science Week. So far during this topic, we have explored the different system in our body including the skeletal, muscular and circulatory systems.

Lately, we have focused on the heart and blood vessels. To explore how the circulatory system responds to exercise, we carried out our own pulse investigation. To begin, we found our resting pulse rate by measuring it for thirty seconds and then doubling it. We then went outside and walked briskly for a few minutes. We then found our pulses to see how many times it was beating in a minute. This allowed us the chance to compare our resting pulse rate to after walking. We then made a prediction on the impact of our heart rate after our next exercise – 2 minutes of star jumps. We repeated this process for star jumps, steady jogging and sprinting. We were able to notice that how heart and pulse rate significantly increased. We explored why the heart needs to work harder when exercising. We also used this time to reinforce positive messages about how we need to exercise to keep our hearts healthy.

After the sprinting exercise, we explored how our body reacts after exercise and looked at the recovery of our circulatory system.


Our last topic has been The Titanic. We have based our writing, geography, history and design work around this. 

Our first piece of writing was a newspaper article on the ship setting sail, and then we moved onto writing a narrative piece. The aim with our narrative piece was to change the setting from a calm, peaceful one to an ominous one. We also integrated dialogue to show character and advance the plot.

Our D.T. work has seen us make a mini model of the iceberg and ship.



This week, we have had the chance to enhance our knowledge on Islam. We began by having an online guided tour of a mosque. This was followed by with the opportunity to ask a practising Muslim some questions about their religion. It was interesting to find out about the different parts of a mosque and their rituals. 
  • Why do Muslims always use their right foot/ hand first?
  • Does the timing of the prayers change throughout the year?
  • What happens if the Qur'an touches the floor?
  • Why do Muslims place their hands out when praying?
  • What is a musalla?
  • At what age do you begin to prayer?
  • How do you become an Imam?