Year 6 2023-2024


Mrs Whelan and Mr Hughes

Welcome back to school and the new autumn term. We really hope you and your family are keeping safe and well and you all had a lovely summer holiday.  Year 6 will celebrate different areas of our learning that we would love to share with parents and the wider school community. We will show case on our website regularly, the areas of learning the children have been undertaking, as we navigate our way through Year 6. 

Art - The Italian Renaissance

Renaissance is a French word meaning rebirth, which is used to describe the revival of art that took place in Italy from about 1400 influenced by the rediscovery of classical art and culture. It reached its peak from about 1500-1530 in the work of Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci. Year 6 have been looking at two pieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Vitruvian Man and drawing a hand as part of anatomy. 

Religious Education

During this first part of the autumn term, Year 6 will be looking at the faith of Islam. The children will be considering the question, what does commitment look like, to both Muslims and to Christians. The children will learn about areas of importance within each faith and consider how individuals demonstrate their commitment to their chosen faith. This week we began by looking at the Five Pillars, which the children found fascinating.  


Times Tables and Arithmetic

Times tables and arithmetic are essential for mathematics and we spend a lot of time developing these throughout the year. By building these skills, it helps children's efficiency, confidence and stress on the working memory. Here are some resources to help at home.

Other websites and resources to support learning outside of school.

  • Maths Problem of the Day resources below
  • has a large number of online resources and worksheets
  • www. has a number of interactive games
  • Rapid Reasoning resources below