Mr Clark: Year 6


Times Tables and Arithmetic

Times tables and arithmetic are essential for mathematics and we spend a lot of time developing these throughout the year. By building these skills, it helps children's efficiency, confidence and stress on the working memory. Here are some resources to help at home.

Other websites and resources to support learning outside of school.

  • Maths Problem of the Day resources below
  • has a large number of online resources and worksheets
  • www. has a number of interactive games
  • Rapid Reasoning resources below  

Maths Problem of the Day

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Fluent in Five

 Fluent in Five - Year 6 - Week 1.pdfDownload
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 Fluent in Five - Year 6 - Week 3.pdfDownload
 Fluent in Five - Year 6 - Week 4.pdfDownload
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Rapid Reasoning

 Rapid Reasoning - Year 6 - Week 1.pdfDownload
 Rapid Reasoning - Year 6 - Week 2.pdfDownload
 Rapid Reasoning - Year 6 - Week 3.pdfDownload
 Rapid Reasoning - Year 6 - Week 4.pdfDownload
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Get back into good habits by challenging yourself to change the sentence in 5 different ways.


Science - Light

To begin our learning about the eye, we were challenged to find our way from the hall back to our seat in the classroom. We then discussed how we can take our eye sight for granted and how vital it is in everyday life.


The mirrors in the periscope reflect light to enable you to see an image of an object around a corner or over the top of another object. We made our own to see how light travels.


Growth Mindset

We have started the year by looking at the growth mindset and how we can show this in class. Here are some quotes we have discussed.