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Brilliant work everyone! I love seeing the pictures of the work you're all doing at home! Keep up the good work everybody!

The super work continues at home!

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As part of our literacy work  we planned a pretend sleepover! We came to school in our pyjamas, we brushed our teeth, we had a bedtime story, listened to a lullaby and then went to sleep! After that, we had to sneak around our school so no one would see us and then found our midnight feast! The children watched the popcorn kernels pop so we could have delicious fresh popcorn and cookies for our feast! We also did some dancing and played games! It was great fun! We wrote about our fun experience too!

The last few weeks we have been investigating ice. We have found out how to make ice and experimented with how to melt it. Our latest experiment was about how to melt ice more quickly.

During Healthy Week  we talked about personal hygiene and keeping our bodies healthy. We learnt why it is important to wash our hands thoroughly and we practiced this each day. We learnt about and draw germs and how some germs can make us poorly. We also learnt about how important exercise is and learnt a new game, hockey!

We have been learning how to log onto our school IPADs this week. We know how to enter a special code and navigate to a program. We have been using the IPADs to take photos too!

We are loving learning to read and write. We have been writing about the models we have made. What super progress we are making!

Look at our maths work! We are thinking about ways of making 5 and 6. What two numbers do you know that make 5 or 6?

 Our topic this half term has been  Autumn and the children have loved looking outside at all the changes happening at this time of year. We have been on an Autumn walk all the way around the school grounds in our wellies and collected objects to bring back to the classroom. A highlight for the children was getting very muddy and squelching in the puddles! We used all the objects we collected to help with our learning, these included leaves, sticks and conkers.

In literacy we have read Leaf Man and Stanley’s Stick and have got messy decorating sticks to help them to become magical. The conkers have been used in maths to help us with our counting and to compare weights of different objects. We have also loved looking at the changing colours of the leaves and have made leaf rubbings along with collage hedgehogs.

Most recently we have been reading the story Pumpkin Soup, which has been fantastic at helping the children use all their phonic knowledge learnt this half term. The children had fun weighing an enormous pumpkin and then cut it up to make delicious pumpkin soup which we all tasted!

Finally, in maths we have been working on more and less. We have been drawing bus routes and discussing how many more or less people can get on the bus. This has put the terminology into a real-life situation and given purpose to the learning.

I hope you enjoy a restful half term ready for more excitement after the holidays.

Remember reading books are changed every Monday and Thursday, please write in your child’s reading record so we are aware they have been reading at home. Thank you!