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We value attendance highly at Addingham Primary School and we are working hard to help children achieve 100% attendance. 

 We believe that;

  • Regular attendance promotes the effective and continuous learning for all children. 
  • Regular attendance promotes positive friendships and well-being.
  • Regular attendance establishes life long traits of good attendance and punctuality.

 We all have a shared responsibility to ensure that each child does not get left behind due to persistent absence.

As part of our attendance procedures, in line with DfE guidance we:

‘regularly communicate expectations for attendance and punctuality and school performance with staff, pupils and parents’ and ‘establish robust escalation procedures which are initiated before absence becomes a problem, for example by: sending letters to parents and carers





We will also report attendance in your child's reports.

 For us, attendance of:

  • over 97% is excellent – this is our target for your child
  • 96-97% is good attendance,
  • 90%-95% is starting to cause a concern.
  • below 90% is a concern 

 We monitor children's attendance at the end of each half term,  any children who's attendance at the end of the term is between 90 and 94.9% we will be monitored closely  offering support to those families who need it.

Any absence, authorised or not is registered as non-attendance at school and count towards your child’s overall attendance. These following events are recorded as absence (even if authorised)

  •  illness, including self-isolation, even if you have followed our absence procedures, or we have asked you to collect your child
  • medical appointments (including dentist, opticians )
  • authorised leave for exceptional circumstances
  • being late after the registers close
  • your child not wanting to come due to anxiety
  • open days at other schools
  • religious observance
  • exclusions or suspensions
  • remote or hybrid learning at home 
  • any unauthorised absence


If you have any worries or concerns about attendance at school please contact the school office to arrange to speak to the class teacher, parental support worker Mrs Field or head teacher Miss Spinks. 

01943 830298