Addingham Primary School Sports

Wharfedale Schools Cross Country League

We have competed in two cross country events so far this year and have been very successful in winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in many races. We have around 30 runners from Addingham and love the team spirit. We are so excited for our next race at Ben Rhydding Primary School on Saturday 29th January. Look out for a letter in January to sign up for the event. It is open to all ages, from Reception up to Year 6. For more details please visit the link below:

What have we been doing in PE?


Reception have loved their PE sessions this term. They have learnt ‘defending’ skills, whilst having fun guarding their hoops from balls and beanbags. They have learnt how to control a ball using a hockey stick and played partner games as they direct and control their hockey ball. A highlight this term was our house competition organised and run by the Year 2 class. They all worked with their fellow House mates to win dojos for their team. 

Here's what Reception think of their PE lessons.

“I liked hockey. I kept the ball straight with a stick” Ellie S 

“Messy bedroom is very fun game. You throw the ball to the other side really quickly to win.” Lydia H 

“We learn games, we have to warm up our whole bodies at the start.” Khadim T 

“We play tig games. I really like it. We learn the rules together.” George W 

“I am really good at running fast!” Poppy C 

“I like learning how to kick the footballs.” Tobi B 

Year 1

In PE this half term we have enjoyed lots of games which help us to warm up our bodies, exercise our muscles and our lungs, and learn to be great team players. We particularly love playing tig, Pirate treasure where we 'steal' the treasure from the other team's base and try to defend our own, and also 'Messy Bedrooms' where we have to clear our area of all the balls and send them into the other team's area. We have been developing our hockey skills, learning how to hold the hockey stick and dribble and pass the ball to one another and into a goal area. 

Year 2

At the start of the year we learnt how to correctly hold a tennis racquet and position our bodies for accurate batting. We practiced different types of throws to various targets to develop our hand-eye coordination, eventually beginning to play team matches. We moved on to athletics and practiced running at different speeds, jumping for both height and distance and bowling/throwing at targets. We developed our speed, stamina and agility throughout this unit.

Year 3

Year 3 have been doing bat and ball activities in our PE lessons and have used tennis racquets and hockey sticks. For our inter-house competitions we had a cross-country race won by Eider and a football tournament won by Gressingham.

Here’s what we think of our PE lessons:

Louis R -I've loved cross-country running and I can tell that I am fitter.

Tilly- I have loved our warm-up, in particular, ball-tig.

Lily- I have liked learning to use a hockey stick.

Year 4

Year 4 have been doing invasion games, focusing on teamwork and skill development. The sports we’ve focussed on are football, bench ball and basketball. We have been learning many different skills which can be applied to different games for example tactical strategies but also more specific skills e.g. bounce passes, chest passes, dribbling in football and basketball, shooting and passing with the inside of the foot. 

Year 5

Hockey – During this topic we have been using different techniques for hitting the ball and learning to dribble with accuracy. Also, we have been learning about keeping possession of the ball and the importance of finding space when competing in a game.

Basketball – We have been learning use both attacking and defending skills and be able to choose when to successfully use them. Also, to understand when to pass and when to dribble within a game.

Year 6

On Mondays this half term we have been looking at Gymnastics and Dance. We have been looking at different jumps, rolls and balencing and how these can be sequenced to music. We have also looked at the dance styles; Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contmpoary, Jazz and Latin American.

Here’s what Year 6 think of their lessons:

I have enjoyed being able to choose what we can do in PE on Fridays. My particualr favourite is Dodgeball. Seb

I enjoyed doing a mile run against the other hourse and in Year 5. It was great fun! Raff

All the houses worked hard during the mile run and we also competed in a football tournament. We all had fun and enjoyed the competition – Well done Eider! Ronnie

I have enjoyed doing the different styles of dance in PE. Jacob

I really enjoyed doing a dance routine with Freya as I could do it in time to the music and choose my choice of moves. Heather

House Competitions

We have been so excited to host our first house competitions at Addingham.

Key Stage 1 House Competitions

A cold, crisp, sunny winter morning- Perfect weather for cross country. We loved our first house competition of the year. Year 1 and Year 2 raced half a mile with and here are the results.

1st Place- Muscovy

2nd Place- Eider

3rd Place- Gressingham

4th Place- Mallard

Year 2 helped to set up a carousel of activities for reception to work in teams within our houses. Year 2 were excellent role models and showed the younger children how to do each activity. We competed for different sporting awards.

Best Teamwork- Eider

Best Sharing- Gressingham

Best Attitude- Mallard

Best Effort- Muscovy

Lower Key Stage 2 House Competitions

There were two parts to the Year 3/4 first house competition- a cross country race and a football match. The winners were:

Cross Country: Eider

Football: Gressingham

Upper Key Stage 2 House Competitions

On Friday 3rd December we held our Year 5 and 6 House competitions. Firstly, everyone took part in a short warm-up series of exercises. We the lined up for our cross-country event which involved completing four circuits of the school field and playground. The top 30 in the race earned house points for their house each receiving one.

Then, we completed a football tournament which again was organised into teams of the same house. The children played matches which lasted around 15 minutes each and each house played three times. Winning teams again earned house points for their respective houses.

Our Year 4/5 Hockey Team

Well done to our Year 6 girls football team who played against Menston. The score was 0-0 but it's great to see our team improving each week. We saw some excellent defending and everyone had fun.

A huge well done to our Year 6 boys football team who won 5-2 against All Saints. Keep it up! :)


This week Year 5 played hockey against Ashlands and All Saints Primary Schools at Ben Rhydding Hockey Club. We learnt how to hold and use a real hockey stick and which side of the stick to strike the ball. We played lots of fun games including capture the flag. We also began to learn some skills such as passing and dribbling and moving into space. It was great fun!
Henry P and Dougie H