Our School's Values and Ethos

Our school vision statement is 'Putting Children First'; the children are at the heart of everything we do.

As a school, we believe that the process of learning is fundamentally about children actively engaging with knowledge, skills and their thinking: A successful learner and thinker will:

  • Make connections between their existing knowledge and understanding of the world, and any new information they encounter.
  • Be an active participant in the transformation of knowledge skills and ideas
  • Develop a ‘Growth Mindset’ so that they become resilient learners that are focused on the process of learning and able to reach their full potential.

Our Philosophy of Education

Our Philosophy of Education is based on the principles of ‘Growth Mindset Learning’ (C. Dweck Ph.D). Every learner at Addingham Primary School – child, member of staff and governor – is here to Grow their own Brains!

The word ‘Yet’ is very important to our philosophy because there are many things we still cannot do… but, it’s just a matter of ‘yet’: with determination, commitment, perseverance (and many other Learning Behaviours) we can fire the neurons in our brain to embed these new skills.

At Addingham Primary School, our central goal is to foster ‘Learning for Life’. By providing children with rich and rewarding learning experiences, we aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning and equip children with the key knowledge, understanding, skills and personal qualities they will need to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Both adults and children should and do learn new things every day, and so as teachers we must support our pupils to become successful and independent learners throughout their lives.

To do this, we must inspire, challenge, support and engage all kinds of learners through the widest possible range of learning opportunities.

We agree with American poet Mark Van Doren that “teaching is the art of assisting discovery” and with educationalist John Dewey that “the aim of education should be to teach us rather ‘how to think’, than ‘what to think’ … to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves”.

This policy outlines our approach to teaching and learning across the school. It is best read in conjunction with our Curriculum and Assessment policies, and with our policy for the Early Years Foundation Stage, which provide further detail of how we encourage and enable learning in our schools.


 Through all our teaching we aim to:

  • enable children to become confident, resourceful and independent learners
  • support children to develop their skills and abilities and reach their potential
  • foster children’s self-esteem and help them to build positive relationships with other people
  • develop children’s self-respect and encourage them to understand and respect the ideas, attitudes and values of others
  • show respect for a diverse range of cultures and, in so doing, promote positive attitudes towards other people;
  • enable children to understand their community and feel valued as part of it
  • help children grow into reliable, independent and positive citizens (see also our policy on promoting ‘fundamental British values’)
  • promote curiosity, wonder and a lifelong love of learning.


We aim to provide a curriculum that meets the needs of ALL of our children, empowering them to become:-

  • Successful lifelong learners
  • Confident and highly skilled individuals
  • Creative and passionate about developing their own learning
  • Responsible global citizens
  • Future leaders for a 21st century world

An integral part of Addingham Primary School’s inclusive vision for all learners is that all students are appropriately challenged. This includes SEN/D students and is to ensure outstanding progress for all.

Our Learning Behaviours (school values)

We apply learning behaviours to all that we do here at Addingham Primary School – we articulate these to our children, parents and governors: they are part of the ‘language we speak’. We call these learning behaviours as we aim to demonstrate these on a day-day basis in all areas of school life.

All members of our school community must demonstrate these too;

The following are an example of a few;

  • COURAGE: Have courage – channel that fire in your belly!
  • CURIOSITY: Be curious about everything – take risks and try something new regularly!
  • Show COMMITMENT, DEDICATION, PERSEVERANCE and ENDURANCE in what you do – things in life are hard: we do teach our Addingham Primary School children to power through!
  • RESILIENCE: Craft your own personal resilience – we all fail in life and make mistakes: resolve these, dust yourself off and start again!
  • HAPPINESS: Find happiness in the smallest of places… Addingham Primary School is a happy place to be.
  • HUMILITY: Be humble and don’t be afraid to show humility. Occasionally we ‘drop a stitch’. We’re only human. We give apologies and accept apologies at Addingham Primary School, but most importantly we move on.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Take responsibility – everyone is a leader at Addingham Primary School. From pupils, cleaners, TAs, class teachers, Headteacher – if we see something good, we praise it! If we see something which is ‘not so good’, we modify it!
  • RESPECT – it’s mutual, it’s reciprocal. If we give it then we should receive it.
  • PATIENCE – In this digital world speed is of the essence, our children don’t really have to wait for very much; answers, shopping, conversations with friends are at the click of an ‘Enter’ button. This is why we have to work hard on demonstrating this.
  • POSITIVITY – Being optimistic, feeling hopeful and having a confident outlook on life

These are just a few examples of our Learning Behaviours (school values). You can find more displayed around the school, on our website and of course see them displayed by the children, staff and governors.