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Welcome to  Year 5

Miss Farmery

Welcome back to Spring Term - we have enjoyed beginning our new topic in science this week on materials.  We planned and completed an investigation into what solids would dissolve in a liquid.  We discovered that although we thought we had made a 'fair test' that there were lots of other variables that may alter our discoveries.

As part of our art topic - Islamic art designs - we linked our learning to our DT 'cook' project and made gingerbread tiles and then decorated them with our Islamic designs using piping skills.  All the children really enjoyed the project and said the gingerbread was delicious!

To finish our science topic we enjoyed a visit from the Wonder dome.  The children were awed by the presentation and asked some great questions to the presenter.

On Pen free day we have enjoyed some maths games using playing cards - if you have a pack at home challenge your child to high/low or fraction war! 

We've also had a carosal of activities learning all about the moon phases during our science lesson.  We made oreo cookie phases, matched labels using pins and string, playing bingo, creating a flip book and completing some reading VIPERS by recording our answers.

This week in Science we have been learning about the centre of gravity and performed an experiment to see how we can re-create the effect.  

In PE we have been developing our gymnastics skills, we have been using apparatus and exploring with different ways of travelling and balancing.

In Science we have been enjoying our new topic all about Astronomy and Space.  When learning about the 'big  bang' we learnt how the universe is still expanding - we drew 'stars' on a balloon and watched how they appeared to move further apart when the balloon was filled with air.  This showed us how the universe is expanding around the stars all the time but that the stars remain in the same position.

I hope you all have a restful half term break and look forward to seeing you all again after the holiday.  I've attached the Year 5/6 spellings for the children to continue to practice over the break - we will be testing the ones we have learnt (a through to c) the first Friday back. 

To end our Mayan topic the class enjoyed a chocolate workshop with Mrs Bui - our local chocolatier! The children learnt about where chocolate comes from and made their own chocolate lollies complete with a transfer pattern and popping candy! A huge thank you from us all Mrs Bui!

The children have worked really hard on their DT project this term - to reinforce structures - they all designed, created and evaluated their masks. I think you'll all agree they did a fantastic job!

In Geography we learnt about relief maps, we investigated how we measure height and how this is then represented on maps.

In History we have enjoyed creating and playing our own Mayan game called Puluc.  We used Mayan art to decorate them and used beans for 'dice'. 

In art we've begun comparing and contrasting different styles of art.  We have looked at rough and smooth techniques using pastels to create our pears and Rococo designs in pencil. 

Welcome back to the start of the Autumn Term! It has been lovely to see all the children settle back into school and familiarising themselves with their new classrooms.  In Year 5 we all have a class job which changes each week from librarians, resource monitors to gardeners.  We have used our new reading area and have enjoyed exploring our new calm corner focusing on our four zones of regulation. 

We all enjoyed our first swimming lesson and our classroom learning is well under way for our new topics including the Mayan civilization in history, where we have already begun to link our learning to our Design and Technology - make and design our own Mayan mask. 

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