Mr Hughes : Year 5

Welcome to year 5, we hope you enjoy reading all about our home learning activities. 

English writing.

The children have been getting really creative and writing all about our local area and explaining why is such a wonderful place to live. They have also been producing some great descriptive pieces of writing around the story of Hugo Cabret, a boy who lives in a train station in Paris.


In art we have been looking at famous artists throughout the world. We have studied artwork by Picasso, Kandinsky, Warhol and Van Gogh. 

In History as part of our home learning the children have completed fantastic pieces of writing about the Blitz, Winston Churchill, the many different roles of women during that period. Oliver has also completed a brilliant piece on Life in the Indus Valley!  


Nell Bank residential

In March, Year 5 went on a two day trip to Nell Bank where we had an amazing experience! 

History - World War II.

During our history topic on World War II, the children have completed some super work. Their writing includes a timeline of the main events of the war as well as an explanation of the events. We also looked at other key events such as VE Day, evacuees and rationing. 


The children have produced some brilliant pieces of art work over the last few weeks based on a number of famous artists who include, Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Lloyd Wright and Jean-Michel Basquiat. 

At home, the children have been keeping really busy! Sam has entered his fantastic writing, "Skimmer" into the 500 words competition whilst Ben has been carrying out independent research on Ludwig van Beethoven. 


At home we have been building bug hotels, creating lava lamps, making paper clips float and looking at erosion with cola and coins.  Annabel has been experimenting with floating stones and Angus has received a Blue Peter badge for running!