Mr Hughes : Year 5

Welcome to Year 5. We have had another really busy half-term and here are some of the activities that the children have been up to. We hope you enjoy!

English writing.

The children are really enjoying our book, "The Nowhere Emporium". We have been making predictions about the main characters, the setting, as well as what may happen in the future. We have also completed some fabulous letters and a persuasive report!

Design and Technology

In DT we have been creating Anglo-Saxon brooches. Using metal, beads and decorative stones the children have produced some fabulous work! 

PE - Basketball

In PE, we have been playing basketball. The children have been developing their defensive and attacking skills!  


Nell Bank residential 2019-20

In March, Year 5 went on a two day trip to Nell Bank where we had an amazing experience. These are some photos of their residential, which we hope to take part in again in 2021!

History - World War II

Our history topic has been about commemoration and World War II. We have been looking at how the war began and the events that surrounded this. We will look at areas of study such as rationing, evacuation, the roles of women and how the war ended.    


During the lead up to Christmas the children have been creating some amazing winter scenes using water colours.  

Anti-bullying Week

During anti-bullying week the children completed many activities around being a good friend. We celebrated being different, by having an odd socks day, highlighting that we are all unique!

Science - Forces 

In Science we have been looking at Forces. The children have been finding out about gravity, air and water resistance, mechanisms such as pulleys and levers and friction.