Welcome to Year 2!

Miss MacDonald and Mr Duxbury!

Welcome to our page, have a look deeper to find out some of the fun things that we have been learning about this year!

ICT/ Maths

As part of our healthy week we looked at the impact that exercise has on our breathing rates. We collected data on the number of breaths that we take in 1 minute and then used this to compare the breathing rates before and after exercising by creating a comparative bar chart. 


Just before the holidays we launched our Times Rables rockstars by having an awesome Rockstar day! Check out some of Year 2's quality rockers and even a selfie with Mr Duxbury!

The Great Fire of London

In Literacy and History we have been learning all about the Great Fire that destroyed London in 1666. Here are some videos of us explaining how we know about the events that took place over 4 days in September 1666 all these years on. 


As part of our RE lessons we looked at the Jewish festival of Sukkot, the 'Festival of Booths'. The children enjoyed learning about how the Jews celebrate their freedom from slavery so much they made their own Sukkah's using lego for the walls and natural materials for the roof's. 


As part of our PSHE we have explored the use energy around our school. We looked at renewable and non-renewable energy sources and made a pledge that we would try and stop wasting as much energy by;

  • Turning off lights
  • Not leaving devices on standby
  • Washing quicker in the shower  

Here are some things we found in school that use electrical energy!


We were lucky enough to be visited by our very own Music Man, who showed us all about several woodwind and Brass instruments that we could learn to play ourselves. 

History/ ICT

In History we have been learning all about the history of our wonderful village. On the last week of half term we went for a walk to see all of the places that we have learned about. We used this time to practice our I.C.T. media work by using our photography skills to photograph the key buildings that we have learned about. Check out some of our photos.


In D.T. we created our very own moving pictures. The children could choose a scene from our Literacy text 'Baba Yaga' and then use either a slider, a wheel or a lever to create a moving picture of the scene. 


In p.e. we have been exploring the world of gymnastics. We used different methods of travelling to move across a mat and a bench in imaginative ways. 


 The year 2s took centre stage to perform our annual Key Stage 1 nativity. The reviews were excellent and the children are expecting a BAFTA nomination any time now. Take a look at some of the photos taken of our budding thespians. 


As part of our Christmas and nativity time we took a trip to our local church (St. Peters) and were treated to a story trail around the church grounds learning about the Christmas Story. 



In Science we have been looking at how animals, including us as humans change as we get older. We have also looked at how we can look after our bodies throughout these changes. 


The first thing we looked at was how we can carefully plan our diet to help us keep our bodies healthy. Here is a photo of the foods that we felt like we should 'eat lots of' and 'eat a little bit'. 

We then looked at how we can use exercise to keep our bodies both fit, and healthy. Take a look at our daily exercise routines. 

We also learned how we can keep our body clean and healthy. We completed an investigation to find out the best method of washing our bodies (hands). We used glitter to pretend to be 'nasty' germs and then used 4 different ways of washing our hands. 

1) Rinsing with no scrubbing or soap. 

2) Rinsing with soap but no scrubbing. 

3) Scrubbing and rinsing with no soap. 

4) Scrubbing and rinsing with soap. 

We found that scrubbing and rinsing with soap is the best way to keep our bodies clean. Take a look at our hands after washing using our methods.