Welcome to Year 2!

Mrs Callan, Mrs Field and Mrs Perkins


We learnt about what different birds eat and how they feed. We made our own bird feeders and placed them around the school grounds. We made sure we placed them at different heights for the different types of birds.

Thank you to Gill and Maire from the AEG who came to help us make landscape models. We worked in groups to papier mache foam shapes which we arranged to make hills. Stay tuned for the finished product! We are so excited to paint these next week.

We joined with Year 5 to make boats from plasticine. It was tricky at first but we persevered. We tested to see how many little figures our boats could hold.

Our Science Week launch assembly with Dr. Amy-Jane Beer, President of Friends of the Dales biologist and nature writer.

Measuring capacity in Maths.

We stuck photographs of ourselves onto paper plates and then decorated them to make it look like we were wearing Tudor hats!

For World Book Week, we are decorating wooden spoons to look like different storybook characters. We have had great fun doing this- our spoons look amazing! Can you guess any of our characters?

In science, we have been learning about how seeds germinate. We are growing beans in bags so that we can watch this happen.

We have been learning about what life what like in the Tudor period. We made some wonderful Tudor houses, taking into account all the important features.

We have been learning about Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent. We ate some yummy pancakes on Pancake Day.

In Science we have been learning about plants in our locality. We used a leaf identifier from the Woodland Trust to help us work out what type of trees are in and around our school grounds.

Mental Health Week
This week we have learnt about mental health and took part in lots of activities that have helped us to be mindful and positive.

We had fun working with Year 5 today as part of our new reading buddies system. 

Our Visit From Mr Peek the Poet
We enjoyed listening to his silly poems and having a go at writing our own.

We made frobscottle from the BFG. It was delicious! We are in the process of writing a recipe for our frobscottle.

Lauren from Dogs Trust shared lots of information with us today about properly caring for and interacting with dogs.

We wanted to make electrical circuits and took part in a treasure hunt around the room- we found many pictures of scientific equipment and had to work out which ones we would need and which ones we wouldn't. Once we had worked this out, we built our own circuits using batteries, wires and bulbs.

We used paper-bots to predict where they would end up following a particular algorithm. Then we tested these with beebots. We practiced making different sequences with arrows for our partners to follow.

We had a visit from Harold the giraffe to learn about friendships, feelings and emotions.

In science we have begun learning about electricity. We learnt how electricity is a type of energy that is used to make things work. We discussed what 'appliance' means and hunted in our classroom for things that use electricity- both mains and battery powered.

In computing we have been learning about how photographs can be edited. We learnt how to adjust colour, saturation and hue.

Making Christmas Decorations

Making Christmas Cards

'What's The Story of Christmas?' Church visit.

Our Brilliant Nativity!

Beautiful Wintery Artwork

We held a Christmas craft day where we created some beautiful artwork for the Addingham Library. We also decorated hearts for our school Christmas tree and for St Margaret's Church in Ilkley. We all helped to collage the Three Wise Men for the Addingham Advent Trail.

We were visited by Jack from Ilkley Tennis Club who taught us many new skills to improve our performance. We played games in pairs and had so much fun. Many of us said that we'd like to join a tennis club and play more.

We used complimentary colours to paint paper and then used these to create 'cut-outs' in organic shapes like Henri Matisse. We arranged these onto colourful card. We are so proud of our finished results!

Children in Need!

Positive Noticing Day! We shared positive things about each other, made some lovely bracelets for our partner and wrote a special message.

Making 2d shapes!

We have been learning about microhabitats in science. We found lots of places outside where creature may live.

We loved using chalk on black sugar paper to create fireworks!

We have been learning about digital media in computing. We practiced taking different types of photographs.

We loved looking at all the amazing pumpkins at the Halloween Pumpkin Competition. We had lots of fun making bats and drawing cute ghosts.

We have been learning about the Romans. We made some wonderful mosaics after looking at some real Roman patterns.

For mental health day, we talked about our worries and when to speak to a trusted adult. We made worry dolls.

Our wonderful music posters!

We worked in pairs to find countries in different continents.

Using bead strings to find bonds to 100. 

We made our own maps of the school site and used some very creative symbols on our key. We also practiced using directional language with OS maps of Addingham.

In art, we made tints by adding different amounts of white to a colour and shades by adding black. 

Here's the slideshow from our Phonics/Reading open evening. :)

We walked around our school site to create a rough map. As we walked, we thought carefully about the shapes of buildings and other objects, the things located on our school site and the direction that we walked in. We talked about the use of symbols and keys on maps.

Year 2 have enjoyed learning about primary, secondary, warm and cool colours. We practiced mixing paints and created our own Kandinsky-inspired images.