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School Policies

Addingham Primary School Teaching and Learning Policy

Admission arrangements 2024/2025

Accessibility Plan

Art Policy

Assessment Policy

Attendance Policy -  Pupils

Appraisal Policy for Staff

AUP Agreement Pupils

AUP Agreement Parents

AUP Agreement Staff/Visitors/Volunteers

Children Missing in Education 

Charging and Remissions Policy

Code of Conduct

Complaints  Policy

Serial and Unreasonable Complaints Policy 

Computing Policy 

Data Protection Policy

DT Policy 

Disadvantaged Pupils Strategy Policy  (Pupil Premium) 

Educational Visits Policy

ESafety Policy

English Policy

EYFS Policy

Foreign Languages Policy

Friendship and Respect (Anti Bullying) Policy

Geography Policy

Governor Visits to School Policy

Handwriting and Presentation Policy

History Policy

Induction Policy

Intimate Care Policy

LAC Policy

Local Offer SEN

Marking and Feedback Policy

Maths Effective Marking and Feedback Policy

Mathematics Policy

Maths Calculations Policy

Medical Conditions Policy

Mobile Phone and Camera Policy

Music Policy

PE Policy

Positive  Behaviour Policy

Positive Handling Policy

PSHE Policy 

Prevent - Anti Extremism and Radicalisation Policy 

Public Sector Equality Policy 

RE Policy 

Remote Learning Policy 

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2023-2024 Addingham Primary School

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2023

Safer Recruitment Policy APS - January 2021 Update linked to Brexit and new regulations

School Uniform Policy

Science Policy 

SRE Policy 

SEN Policy 

Visitors to School Policy