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Year 3/4 Common Exception Words

Year 3 Timetable 

Working  at Home   - Friday 3rd April 2020

Thank you so much to those of you who have been sending your work to us! Here are some highlights of what some of you have been up to this week! Thank you Rowan , Albert, William and Finlay for your great pictures!  

Thanks to Heidi and Seth for sending in their purse/wallet designs.  

World Book Day


For World book day we all dressed up as characters from our favourite books and brought in copies of the books to share with our class. We read excerpts from our books and discussed why we liked them so much. We also drew ‘Character selfies’ and wrote character descriptions. We played a very exciting game of ‘Book Bingo’ and created our own word searches. Later on in the day we were involved in a ‘carousel’ of activities where we were taught by Year 4. 5 and 6 teachers.

Road Safety

On Wednesday we had the road safety team from Bradford who came to give us some very important advice on how we can stay safe on the street. We watched a road safety video before we went outside and put what we had learnt into practice.  

‘We went to the road and learnt how to cross the road safely. When walking past driveways we have to check no one in pulling in or out.’ Henry

‘When we see parked cars we have to look inside the front window to see if there is a driver in. If there was we stay where we are as they might be about to pull out.’ Dougie

‘If there is no safe place to cross, you need to go carefully inbetween two cars and check if there is nobody in. If there isn’t stand on the edge, look left and right, listen for traffic and if then there are no cars coming you can cross.’ Heidi M

‘Cross the road if you can where there is a crossing patrol person, an island, a puffin, zebra, toucan or pelican crossing.’ Amelie

‘You must always follow the Green Cross Code when crossing the road. First find a safe place to cross, stop just before the kerb, look and listen all around for traffic, think is it safe to cross.’ Jack

‘Always walk, never run across the road and keep looking and listening for traffic.’ Scarlett 

‘If the car lights are on, this is a sign that the car might be about to move.’ Seth


During internet Safety Week we had a visit from our local PCSO Danny, who came to talk to us about the importance of staying safe online, games which are safe and appropriate for us to play and the importance or keeping our personal information private.  We learnt lots and really appreciated Danny coming in to talk to us!

Play Scripts

In our English lessons we have been reading 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,' by C.S. Lewis. We read a couple of the scenes from the story as a play script. We then wrote our own play scripts and re-enacted them with our friends. 

Greek Day 

We had lots of fun on Greek day. We came to school dressed as Ancient Greeks. To start the day we looked at where Greece fits into a chronological time line. We talked about previous historical events that we have studied as well as some key events we’ll study in the future. Next, we located Greece on a map as well as some of its surrounding countries and seas. We then learnt about the struggle between the Athenians and the Spartans and talked about the trireme was ships that they used in battle. We used this information to create some wonderful trireme mosaics. In the afternoon we tried to learn a Greek dance which was lots of fun. Finally we got to try some different Greek food which was delicious!


Stained glass Windows 

In our RE lessons we have enjoyed making stained glass windows. 

Healthy Week 

This week has been healthy week at school. We have been talking about the importance of keeping our bodies and teeth clean. We had a visit from a dentist and dental nurse from Addingham, who kindly came in and reminded us about different ways we can look after our teeth. We discussed different statements that could be good or bad for our teeth and why. They also showed us how much sugar is in some of our favourite foods. We learnt that if we are going to have sugary foods, it’s better to have them as a main meal rather than as a snack on their own


Making Volcanoes 

Over the last few weeks, as part of our design and technology work we have been planning and starting to make volcanoes! We used scrunched up newspaper, a lot of masking tape and then mod rock to create them. We are looking forward to painting them next week!  


Chinese New Year – 2020 – The year of the rat!

On Monday, we enjoyed a brilliant assembly all about Chinese New Year. This Year many people in countries such as China, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam will have a public holiday on the 25th January 2020 to celebrate. Darcy Mu’s parents came to share with us some traditions of how the Chinese New year is celebrated. We also learnt some stories about how the 12 animals, which are associated with each year were originally chosen. We looked at those animals’ strengths and worked out which animal we were, matched to the year that we were born. At the end of the assembly, Darcy Mu kindly gave us a red envelope which children receive during the celebrations. Traditionally you would receive money, but we were given a chocolate

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We have really enjoyed creating own sets  and then creating a short animation using some Christmas characters. We had to have a lot of patience, but it was lots of fun! 

To Perform a News Broadcast

We worked in groups to produce a news programme based on our book ‘Escape from Pompeii.’ We had different roles between the anchor person in the studio, the reporter at the scene or one of the eyewitnesses. We worked in groups to write our scripts on large pieces of paper and then acted them out in front of class. 

Natural Disasters Presentations 


We astounded Miss Newton and Mrs Goulty with our amazing Natural Disaster presentations over the last few weeks. We made presentations about different natural disasters including tsunamis, tornadoes and earthquakes. Some of us made Powerpoint presentations while others produced some amazing models.

Tag Rugby

Year 3 have had a Tag Rugby coach this last term who have helped develop their rugby skills and techniques.  Some of the children then took part in the Tag Rugby IGS league against other schools in the Wharfe Valley and came an amazing second. It has been wonderful to see the children develop and grow week after week. They have worked so hard as a team and should be so proud of their achievements

Stone Age Day

Today we had a special Stone Age Day. We dressed up and went outside to build our own Stone Age Shelters. We also researched Stone Age Mammals and wrote a piece of writing using the ‘Dictogloss’ method.

We used shells to make Stone Age jewellery and carefully constructed Stonehenge out of biscuits. We had a lovely, busy day and even managed to fit in some Stone Age singing!


Mr Walbank Visit - Artefcats from the Stone Age, Bronze Age & Iron Age

Today Mr Walbank came to visit us who has found and collected many artefacts from the Stone Age to Iron Age time. He talked to us about where and when he discovered some of these amazing finds. Some of which were near Silsden, not too far away. We were able to hold and feel some of his amazing discoveries, these included: coins, a flint arrowhead and a stone axe head. How amazing it was to hold something in our hands that was actually a few thousand years old! Mr Walbank also talked to us about what life might have been like for someone living during that time period.

Animals including Humans

As an introduction to our new science topic ‘Humans and other animals.’ We looked at the remarkable achievements of sportsmen and women. We learned that Usain Bolt could run 100m in 9.68 seconds, so we decided to see how far we could run in that time. We did very well, but he was three times faster than most of us.