Welcome to Year 3

with Miss Borley, Mrs Griffin



Year 3/4 Common Exception Words


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In year 3 these past two weeks we have been Ancient Egyptians and now have Mummified year 3s! We have painted our Sphinx’s that we carefully crafted out of clay – they look amazing! We have perfected our routines in PE using the apparatus and our gymnastics skills. In RE we have played ‘what’s in the mystery RE box today’ and to everyone’s delight it was all about Christmas! In computing we made our own flip books as part of our animation topic. Please enjoy the photos. Have a great two weeks!                                                                                                                                 Miss Borley.

As we finish for the first half of the Autumn term, we would just like to share with you the amazing songs that the Year 3 and Year 4 class have been learning how to perform in singing. A Harvest song and a spooky one, we hope you enjoy listening to them!

Year 3

We have had some very exciting learning in the first two weeks of term!

In history we have opened the mystery history box to find artefacts from the stone age!

In English the children have performed some fantastic drama around our book The Stone Age Boy using adverbs and writing different types of sentences.

In maths we have been looking at place value using practical and pictorial methods alongside 100s 10 and 1s.

In Computing we have been learning about input, process and output with our electrical devices and even designed our own machines.

In science the children grouped rocks by looking at their different properties and testing permeability using pipettes and water.

In music we have been singing and enjoyed our visit from an amazing Rock Musician!

We have had a busy couple of weeks!
Year 3 have been emersed in learning about the stone age in both History and English. In science we have been very interested in how rocks are formed in the earth and in computing we have been learning about e-safety.
We had two special visitors this week from Addingham Environment group who taught us how to “Scythe” and the importance of leaving flowers alone until they have dispersed their seeds.
We have been working so quietly and sensibly, even the Hush Bugs wanted to come out and watch us work!
Please enjoy the photos of year 3 below.

What a time we have had!

We have made wormeries and were lucky enough to have a tortoise to spend the day with us which we all thoroughly enjoyed! We are still loving our rocks and soils topic. Last week we collected rock samples from woodland, flower beds and other areas and then examined the differences under a magnifying glass. Lots of us now want to join gardening club!  We’ve enjoyed looking at maps and are enjoying our topic on the South West. In RE, finding out about Khalsa Sikhs has been really fun. Dressing up and learning about the 5Ks. We are really excited about our afternoon of singing on friday. 

I hope you all have a wonderful half term and look forward to seeing you back after the holidays. Your continued support is much appreciated.

This term so far has been so exciting. We had a fabulous time at Nell Bank and loved pretending we were from the Stone Age! In PE we made fantastic shapes through balancing in groups, had a FAB game of football and enjoyed learning new skills. In RE we played pass the parcel and learned all about what Christmas means to those who follow and do not follow the Christian faith (pass the parcel was particularly exciting). In Science we drew around someone and filled in their bones and named them, creating our own skeletons. Finally, we enjoyed ‘Positive Noticing Day’ where we talked about each other and made labels for us to wear. Enjoy the photos!