Welcome to Year 3

with Mrs Goulty, Mrs Monkman, Miss Spragg and Mrs DeAth



Year 3/4 Common Exception Words


Natural Disasters

In Geography we have been looking at Natural Disasters. We have been exploring different mountains, how they are formed and famous mountains in the UK and around the world. We used paper to see how they are formed and to practice the various names.

Exploring the Hide

We had such fun going to the new Hide. We looked at different leaves to identify and used the binoculars to look for wildlife. 

Woolly Mammoths

We have loved drawing our own instructional drawings of a mammoth and trying out our instruction writing by making our very own milk bottle woolly mammoth!

Stone Henge Silhouettes

Stone Age Day !

Today we had a special Stone Age Day. We came to school all dressed up as if we had just stepped out of the Stone Age.

Our first job was to work in small groups and own Stone Age Shelters using twigs, sticks, moss, leaves and anything else we could find.

We looked at some different theories for why Stonehenge was built and why it’s so famous still today. We then created Stonehenge using Lego or blocks.

We learnt how to weave and sprayed our hands to create our own class cave hand art.

Finally, we used shells and stone beads to make Stone Age jewellery. We had a lovely, busy day and even managed to listen to some songs about the Stone Age!

Autumn spelling practice. Mrs Monkman had spelt our spelling words on conkers and we had to figure out which words we could find!


We have started off Year 3 with place value and we have been using the maths resources to show our understanding of numbers.  

We have been using different resources to prove our understanding of subtracting 1 digit from a 3 digit number. The children used the resources to explain their answers and prove it to eachother.


For National Poetry Day we looked at diamante poems about The Stone Age. Diamante poems are seven lines long, and follow rules which count the words on each line. They are sometimes used to show two sides of something, which allowed us to show the different side of the stone age people; strong, fierce, nurturing and creative. We had lots of fun picking the different nouns, adjectives and verbs and putting them on a spear which formed the shape of a diamond perfectly. Here are some examples from our display.


We have been learning about instructional drawing. We had a go at drawing a mammoth. Here are our finished drawings!

We have been learning about chronological order. The children were challenged to sort key dates from the Stone age to the Iron Age.

We had fun drawing cave paintings this week!


We have been practicing our singing and learning the song 'Let Your Spirit Fly'. Year 3 have loved trying out the recorders and learning how to hold the new instrument and learn some notes. Great for a Friday afternoon!


This week we have been looking at the human skeleton. We were challenged to put one together! 

We have been using meter rulers and tape measures to practice our measuring skills. We made use of the quad outside of our classroom, our great outdoor learning space and some September sunshine.


We have loved this unexpected weather and enjoyed our PE lessons outside!