Welcome to Year 3

with Miss Newton, Mrs Monkman, Mrs Goulty, Mr Duxbury  & Mrs Field

 September Information evening powerpoint 

Year 3/4 Common Exception Words


We all have been working hard in school and at home so we have had some well-deserved fun in the snow.

Can you guess the animals?

Christmas Party Day! 

Year 3 had a wonderful party day. We played lots of games in the hall and danced to Christmas music. After we'd eaten our delicious Christmas lunch we made Christmas cards. We then made Reindeer hot chocolate and finished our day with jelly and cake!


To Perform a News Broadcast

We worked in groups to produce a news programme based on our book ‘Escape from Pompeii.’ We had different roles between the anchor person in the studio, the reporter at the scene or one of the eyewitnesses. We worked in groups to write our scripts on large pieces of paper and then acted them out in front of class. 

Natural Disasters Presentations 


We astounded Miss Newton, Mrs Monkman, Mr Duxbury and Mrs Goulty with our amazing Natural Disaster presentations.

We made presentations about different natural disasters including tsunamis, tornadoes and earthquakes. Some of us made PowerPoint presentations whilst others produced some amazing models and posters. 

Friendship Week

We wore odd socks to help promote anti-bullying and remind us that we are all different and special in our own way. We also created kindness word clouds to create a display to brighten up our classroom and give us positive thoughts.

PCSO Danny gave Year 3 an online safety talk about out personal information online.  We discussed and watched videos and talked about how to keep ourselves safe, songs from Super Sid, got some top tips, and had a go at creating a strong password for ourselves. We also discovered it is sometimes good to share videos online. Like Jo Wicks doing his exercise videos to help us keep fit during lockdown.

We used Lego to practice, show arrays and prove the 2 times table always ends in an even number. We forgot we were doing maths!

Working out the inverse. We used post it notes to help us change the numbers round to work out the answer.

We looked at the book ‘The Street Beneath My Feet’. It showed us how the earth layers are on top of each other in the fold out accordion pictures. It was such fun!

Break the rules day Maths! We practiced our times tables with some challenges and more Times Table Rock Stars practice. We even had some battles!


Rock Detectives

When scientists observe something in detail they usually make carefully labelled drawings to record what they have found. The children carefully looked in detail at 6 different rocks, making drawings with labels and descriptions of each to make interesting exhibits for our museum. After we  challenged the children to work out the name of each rock!

Stone Age Day

Today we went back in time and had a special Stone Age Day. One of our first activities was to go outside to build our own Stone Age shelters. We then looked at the different theories for why Stonehenge was built. We created some lovely silhouette paintings of Stonehenge and had a go at making Stonehenge using plasticine, lego or building blocks. Finally, we used shells to make Stone Age jewellery .  

Cave Art

‘The history of pictures began in a cave’ David Hockney

We have been looking in detail at the cave paintings that have been discovered in Lascaux, France. In our art lessons we have been using different media types and surfaces to try and recreate similar cave paintings.  We used water coloured paints on collage paper, sharpie felt tips on small rocks,  pastels on thin white paper on the wall and then finally pastels on thicker collage paper. Here we are in action: 

Science - Animals Including Humans

What a fantastic first half term we have had exploring animals and humans. The children have worked extremely hard and learned lots of scientific names for our bones and muscles. We have also looked at how to keep healthy and strong through our diet with different vitamins and minerals. Using drama we acted out the journey of protein, carbohydrates and fats travelling through our body. I also challenged the children to escape the room - a mini quiz on all the new knowledge they have learned over the first term. I'm pleased to say most escaped! Here are some of the photos from the lessons.


Year 3 reasoning and problem solving challenges on adding and subtracting two 3-digit numbers. The children had to use all the new knowledge which they practiced from previous weeks, to find the correct answer and master the column method!