Welcome to Year 3

with Mrs Goulty, Mrs Monkman, Miss Spragg and Mrs DeAth



Year 3/4 Common Exception Words


 Visit to a Gurdwara 

We learnt that the Guru Granth Sahib is the Sikh holy book. It is treated like a person and even has its own room during the night. The book is placed on a raised platform under a canopy and covered with an expensive cloth during the day. We learnt that the Guru Granth Sahib is the Sikh holy book. It is treated like a person and even has its own room during the night. The book is placed on a raised platform under a canopy and covered with an expensive cloth during the day.

We also found out that a Chaur is a fan which is waved over the Guru Granth Sahib as a sign of respect and that Gurdwaras fly flags outside to show that it is a special place of worship. The flag contains the Sikh symbol.

There are four doors into the Gurdwara which are open from all sides, to people of all faiths, the north, east, south and west everyone is welcome. The four doors are called the Door of Peace, the Door of Grace, the Door of Livelihood and the Door of Learning.


Pond Dipping

We went up to look what we could find in the pond. We were lucky enough to find water skaters, newts, tadpoles and froglets. Then we had a turn at making pigeon nests with twigs in the trees. It was fun putting them together to create a strong base. Finally we had a go at making pond animal art. We used the things around us and made some great creatures.

Jubilee Week

We are having a week of fun Jubilee activities and our decade is The 1980's! See what fun we have been up to this week and what we have been learning about to celebrate The Platinum Jubilee.

 We learned about the Jubilee Pageant. We looked at photographs and watched a film clip. We then brainstormed everything that we could see and hear. We used these ideas to write a poem making sure that we included lots of similes and alliterations.

The Jubilee Pageant

Fluttering flags flying high as birds.

Bells ringing out to cheer her on.

Crowds of people swarming like bees.

Her platinum dress as white as the clouds

 Her jewels catching the light.

The River Thames crowded with boats.

The rain pouring down didn’t dampen their smiles.

We made 2D crowns out of clay. We now need to wait for the crowns to dry so that we can decorate them.

We also have decorated party bags. We will take them home and fill them with goodies for our school picnic.

Then we worked hard to create a Queen head’s collage. We use lots of Jubilee pictures to create the collage and had to ensure that our cutting and sticking was neat!

Wicked Wednesday was our treat day! We had inflatables and enjoyed our afternoon tea in the classroom whilst listening the the band Queen. It was so much fun! We thanked  Mr Storton for helping us bounce and play on the inflatables.

We finished the week by drawing a portrait of the Queen and making Buckingham Palace out of Lego!

Design Technology

As part of our deign and technology lessons this half term, the children have started to design their own healthy pizza. They have designed pizzas, packaging and researched about pizzas and on Thursday we got to make the with special help from a chef (Mr Besharati)! The pizzas were cooked in school and then brought home for the children to enjoy.

“We learnt how to make chocolate dough balls too and we even got to try them before we went home. They were delicious!”

“It was really fun making the pizzas and great to see how to spin pizza dough. He was very kind and helpful.”

“I had the chance to catch flying pizza dough and throw it back to Mr Besharati it was brilliant!”

A thank you to Mr Besharati and Mrs E Besharati for their time and fantastic skills. A thank you to the kitchen staff who helped give up their oven space to fit our pizzas in.


We have been looking at maps in detail and learning how to read grid references. We had to first crack a code Mrs Monkman had done on co-ordinates then we had to find places on a map of Addingham and write down their grid references. We also were challenged to find our house! Most importantly you have to remember to go Easting before you go Northing.

Bee Together
Year 3 carefully planted various weeds and flowers at the front of school. Firstly, we had to dig a small hole, secondly massage the plant to release the roots, then finally put it into the hole and carefully replace the soil back around it. We the went on a bug hunt and found lots of minibeasts in our grounds. We loved finding a millipede! It was tricky but we managed to find a hover-fly and catch it into to container and used a magnifying glass to look closer. The mini beasts we found were all different shapes and sizes and we found our field was rich of lots of different animals. We then were tasked with creating a sign to tell people to keep off the area to let the bees get to work!

Road Safety - Pedestrian Training

Year 3 learnt all about the Green Cross Code and how to stay safe on our roads. This involved watching a video, completing a work book and having a training session outside of school. The children had great fun and learnt new strategies to keep them safe on our busy roads. 

Science Week - Investigating our beck with the Addingham Environment Group

We took a sample from the beck by school to examine the water and its wildlife.  We saw a baby bull-headed fish, worms, leeches, shrimps, Caddisfly, mayfly, freshwater snail, water mites and water spiders.  We were given a list of animals that could be found and had to cross check to see if we could identify and name them. We used the magnifying glass to see the small insects closely. 

“It was so much fun looking at the insects in the back because we could see all the different legs, tails and various body sizes.” F

“It was amazing, 10 out of 10 because I loved learning about the different insects. Especially the mayflies, and I learnt there are over 500 different species!” O

International Maths Day

We used our knew knowledge of  length, perimeter and area and designed our own 3D maps. Can you recognise any places or buildings?

 The Parthenon - DT

We learnt all about the Parthenon. Mrs Monkman then tasked us in building our own version using card. We had to use our teamwork skills, maths (length and measurement) and our new knowledge to successfully build a roof, columns, and a floor for it to stand on. We had lots of fun understanding how things were constructed and even gave other groups top tips we had learnt from.

Greek Day

We all arrived in our costumes and were soon transported back to Ancient Greece 776 BC. We began our day with the first ever Olympic games (though we did let the girls take part and we were fully clothed!)

We then had a Greek feast. We sampled olives, feta cheese, pitta bread and tzatziki. It was all delicious and did well at trying new foods.

Making a fact file about our chose god and goddess was also fun! We then had a go at drawing Zeus and using water colours.

Greek Pottery

Using our designs and art practice we made our own Greek pots. We had a practice first at rolling to see how the clay felt and to check lengths to make the correct size pot. We also practiced with the clay tools on how to make the Greek patters. This helped us see how our patters would look and how hard/soft we needed to press on the clay.

Prickly Pigs

Year 3 were delighted to welcome the charity Prickly Pigs to school. We were really informed about all the work they do to help and support hedgehogs in this area. We learnt about their habitat, foods they eat, what the rescue do and how they are put back safely into the wild.

I loved meeting Rhubarb and Betty, they were very well behaved! Jessica

I now know if you see a hedgehog in the day, they need our help. Billy

Thank you for your kind donations, they were really grateful as a charity.



We have been looking at The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe and Year 3 have written some fantastic character descriptions of Aslan. We also had a go at the tricky task of drawing a lions head. We are super proud of their efforts and how they have turned out.

Natural Disasters

In Geography we have been looking at Natural Disasters. We have been exploring different mountains, how they are formed and famous mountains in the UK and around the world. We used paper to see how they are formed and to practice the various names.

Exploring the Hide

We had such fun going to the new Hide. We looked at different leaves to identify and used the binoculars to look for wildlife. 

Woolly Mammoths

We have loved drawing our own instructional drawings of a mammoth and trying out our instruction writing by making our very own milk bottle woolly mammoth!

Stone Henge Silhouettes

Stone Age Day !

Today we had a special Stone Age Day. We came to school all dressed up as if we had just stepped out of the Stone Age.

Our first job was to work in small groups and own Stone Age Shelters using twigs, sticks, moss, leaves and anything else we could find.

We looked at some different theories for why Stonehenge was built and why it’s so famous still today. We then created Stonehenge using Lego or blocks.

We learnt how to weave and sprayed our hands to create our own class cave hand art.

Finally, we used shells and stone beads to make Stone Age jewellery. We had a lovely, busy day and even managed to listen to some songs about the Stone Age!

Autumn spelling practice. Mrs Monkman had spelt our spelling words on conkers and we had to figure out which words we could find!


We have started off Year 3 with place value and we have been using the maths resources to show our understanding of numbers.  

We have been using different resources to prove our understanding of subtracting 1 digit from a 3 digit number. The children used the resources to explain their answers and prove it to eachother.


For National Poetry Day we looked at diamante poems about The Stone Age. Diamante poems are seven lines long, and follow rules which count the words on each line. They are sometimes used to show two sides of something, which allowed us to show the different side of the stone age people; strong, fierce, nurturing and creative. We had lots of fun picking the different nouns, adjectives and verbs and putting them on a spear which formed the shape of a diamond perfectly. Here are some examples from our display.


We have been learning about instructional drawing. We had a go at drawing a mammoth. Here are our finished drawings!

We have been learning about chronological order. The children were challenged to sort key dates from the Stone age to the Iron Age.

We had fun drawing cave paintings this week!


We have been practicing our singing and learning the song 'Let Your Spirit Fly'. Year 3 have loved trying out the recorders and learning how to hold the new instrument and learn some notes. Great for a Friday afternoon!


This week we have been looking at the human skeleton. We were challenged to put one together! 

We have been using meter rulers and tape measures to practice our measuring skills. We made use of the quad outside of our classroom, our great outdoor learning space and some September sunshine.


We have loved this unexpected weather and enjoyed our PE lessons outside!