Triangle Sort

Alien Hangman

Demonstration tools to support
whole class and group teaching in
the daily maths lesson. Ideal for
use on interactive whiteboards.

Learn about triangle properties before sorting them in different Venn diagrams.

An updated version of the traditional word guess game. See if you can save the alien!


Odd or Even

Symmetry Sort

Digit Work-out

Drag and drop the number tiles to their correct position on the Venn diagram.

How many lines of symmetry does a square have? Find out this and more in this symmetry sorting activity. Available as a bounce back demo or without bounce back for assessment.

Try this progressive range of mental maths activities to sharpen recall of key number facts. Keep a record of your best times.


3D Shape Match

Coins to £2.00

Boxing Weigh In

Simple to play pelmanism game where children have to recognise and remember the positions of matching cards.

Open ended resource for teachers to ask their pupils questions as part of a whole class starter activity on money in maths.

Drag the boxers onto the scales and see how much they weigh. Boxers weights can be changed via the set weights button.


Math Arcade

Maths Magician

Times Tables Blaster

Find our way around the arcade with our maths knowledge

Are you a Maths Magician, find out now.

Choose your times table and lets see what you've got.

Fraction Flags

Soccer Subtraction

Maths Revision Bitesize

Create the worlds countries flags using fractions. Get your sum right and score a goal for your nation! Use your maths knowledge to construct a waterslide.

Animal See-Saw

Crazy Clock

Maths Mysteries

Make sure you weigh your animals correctly!  Test your memory ability to tell the time correctly.  Solve various Maths mysteries.