Miss Newton : Year 2


Welcome to a New Year at Addingham Primary School and a New Year 2!

The Wharfe Valley Music Project

In Year 2 we were really luck to be the first children who took part in the Wharfe Valley music project.  This project has been set up to enable us to  work with different schools within the area to look at different genres and elements of music, learn how to play a range of instruments, record music and to extend our existing talents.

Eight children from our class were chosen to attend the music composition at Ashlands which was lead by Sam Dunkley, a musician, editor and presenter. We had the opportunity to explore a range of tuned and untuned instruments. Sam Dunkley taught us a range of fun, easy methods around how to read and follow music for rhythm and pitch. We really enjoyed ourselves and had such a fun morning!

What was it like to live in Addingham 100 years ago?

To begin to answer this question, there was only one way to start and that was to go on a walk around the village to look out for signs of what Addingham used to be like a 100 years ago. We took our very own Historian, Mrs Ellis. We were so lucky as she was able to share so many stories of what life would have been like for our grandparents and great grandparents. We learnt about the old railway, that the library was once a prison and that many of the shops and houses would have been barns as there was once more farmland than there is now. We had a great time exploring and being 'Time Detectives!'  

Roald Dahl - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This week in year two we have really enjoyed celebrating the 100 years of Roald Dahl. We read a biography of his childhood and compiled a list of facts about him.

 Our focus book has been ‘Charlie and the Chocolate’ (Miss Newton’s favourite). We have started to read the book and find out about the main character ‘Charlie’ and think of some key questions we would like to ask him about his life before he wins the golden ticket. We have also thought of some important words and phrases to describe his looks and personality. Next week we are going to use these ideas and create a character description.

We didn’t have an ordinary science lesson this week, we had the best ever science lesson as it involved CHOCOLATE. We watched a film clip of the ‘invention room,’ then we discussed our own ideas for creating a new chocolate. We then got to make and eat our chocolate! DELICIOUS!! This wasn’t just for fun though, we were learning about reversible and irreversible changes.