Mrs Wade and Mrs Samtaney-Roberts:

Welcome to Year 1!

Handwriting Buddies!

Happy New Year! Last half term we introduced a Handwriting Buddies club. For 15 minutes every day after lunch, some of the children from Year 5 have come to support the children with their handwriting. The younger children have enjoyed working this very much and it has been a success.

Maths Fun

Over the first two weeks in January, the children have been learning and talking about the properties and differences between 3D and 2D shapes . They have completed practical activities which have included sorting shapes, making 3D shapes with nets and solving problems.

ART - African Silhouette Pictures:

On Tuesday, the whole class came together for an Art lesson. Linked to the story of Handa's Surprise, the children created their own colour swatch of warm and hot colours. They then developed this further to create their own African Safari sunset picture using pastels. Here they are hard at work: