Mrs Wade : Year 1



We enjoy our lessons with Mr Storton and Mr Yates on Wednesdays.

Science Week

 What lovely rainbow patterns we made using sweets and water. How did that happen?

We also experimented with magnets. 

Art Week

Some of our Mums and Dads came into school to help us make sock and glove puppets. We also made the amazing collage tree with circular, multicoloured leaves which is part of the forest in the hall with all the trees from the other classes in school.

Maths fun in class with bead strings, numicon and base 10.

We all dressed up for World Book Day as characters from our favourite books. What a fun day we had sharing our favourite stories.

During Healthy Week we learnt about the colours of the rainbow that we need to eat to keep fit and healthy.

Green broccoli, cabbage, celery. Orange sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges. Red apples, strawberries, raspberries. Yellow grapefruit, lemons, peppers. Purple grapes, cabbage, blackberries. White cauliflower, nuts, mushrooms, onions.


What's the meaning of ...? Before Christmas we walked down to St Peter's Church and heard the story of Christmas as we moved round various sections of the church. We looked for some passages in bibles and made a beautiful jigsaw. We were also given a bracelet to remind us of the events leading up to Jesus' birth.

Maths Fun

We have been learning to take away using part whole models and practical equipment.

We have done counting and learning about the number system this half term. These pictures show our "more than" and "less than" work.

Here are some of our Number Lines