Mr Hughes : Year 5

Welcome to Year 5, we hope you enjoy our webpage and find it useful. Please keep looking out for new updates. 

Today in Art Week Tsugumi and I were writing  and drawing rainforest pictures on polystyrene tiles. Later in the week we will be printing from these tiles. Eirlysiane

We tore up strips of paper from magazines and newspaper and glued them onto a large cardboard tree. This will form part of a "forest." One tree from each class in school. Kian S

 In the pictures we are making circular leaves and painting them with multi coloured patterns. These leaves will be stuck onto our trees. Abigail

During this experiment we got wooden ramps with differing surfaces and we rolled cars down them. This showed that the bumpier the surface the more friction there was. This was shown by the cars travelling faster on the smooth surface, and slower on the carpeted ramp.

When Heartstart ladies visited we learnt how to do CPR ( Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)to the tune of Nellie the Elephant to get the rhythm and timing correct.

A few of the pictures from our class assembly with the theme of SPACE

We visited The Star Centre in Keighley and had a wonderful day.  Tried to programme a robot, made a key ring with a 3D printer and picked up aliens from the moons surface ! Also visited Mission Control and saw stars and constellations in the planetarium.