Mr Duxbury and Mrs Monkman: Year  4

Welcome to Year 4 ! We have had a fantastic first few weeks back and the children have already shown us that we are going to have a wonderful year together.

The digestive system... we showed how the food travels down through our organs. Can you guess which is the small intestine?

Roman Journal Role Play

We re-enacted a hard hitting scene from our whole class text in groups and performed them to the class to express emotion and infer feeling from the text.

Romulus and Remus, the creation of Rome

In History we learnt how Rome was created after two twin brothers, Romulus and Remus, built a city and had a bitter argument.

Roman Numerals

In maths we have been learning our Roman Numerals to 100. We made Roman Numerals out of matchsticks to challenge our partner. Can you guess the number?


Practise your times tables for the class challenge here:

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Challenge yourself to change the sentence in 5 different ways.


Below is the Year 3 and 4 spelling list.