Mrs Jeffreys and Miss Mitchell: Year  4

Year 4's Matchbox Diary

School trip to Create

We had a fun trip to Create in Ilkley and painted our Beatrix Potter inspired plates. We carefully designed our plate in school and took our drafts to copy. We used felt tips to draw on our designs and carefully painted over the top. We have left them to go into the kiln and look forward to seeing them finished. Thank you to the Team at Create for making us feel so welcome and allowing us all to come into the workshop. We finished the rest of the trip with a picnic and games in the park. We look forward to displaying them at Celebration Evening.

‘The best bit was painting the plates because we had to be very careful and delicate. They looked beautiful when we had finished, I’m so excited to receive it back.’ Beatrix

Sports Week

Kings Camps

Beatrix Potter

In Literacy and History we are looking at Beatrix Potter tales. We have been bringing in our own stories to share, and teddies! Looking carefully at the tales and their content, in groups we shared our findings to the rest of the class. Further reading the tale of Peter Rabbit we have made our own endings up to the story, he is a mischievous rabbit!



In groups we started exploring different habitats from deserts to the Antarctic. We then took this information and working as a group  we created a large information poster further developing our knowledge of the habitats in the climate researched. 

Science Week

We were set the challenge of making a birds nest from materials on the school field. Could we make one better than the birds? We collected lots of different materials like twigs, moss and mud and brought them to the classroom to construct.

I like collecting lots of materials from the field and using them all in different ways to make the nest. - Isaac

Astro Nappy - We investigated which material would be best for an astronaut to wear whilst up in space, so he could wear a nappy whilst exploring the moons surface.  We found that the thicker the material the more was absorbed, resulting in a drier nappy!

It was really funny because a lot of the materials absorbed the water and came out the other side! Lola

Science - Habitats

Year 4 were lucky to have The Addingham Environmental Group to visit on Monday to tell us all about what and how they help our village. They talked us through lots of facts and we look forward to walking to the beck on Thursday to explore some more!

We went on a village walk, where we looked in detail about how things have change and how we may of changed them for good or bad reasons. Can you spot any?

World Book Day

Art Week

We were very lucky to have parents to help us during art week to create lots of fantastic art. 

It was very messy - Rupert

I wish it was art week every week! - Amelie

Egyptian Day

Healthy Week

Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks, meals and drinks. Year 4 brought in something healthy for the class to try and they talked about how and why it was nutritious to eat. We had lots of fun and learnt some new recipes!




Can you guess the photographer?! (she loves a selfie)

We have been developing our Hockey skills in PE

Spring Term Newsletter

Roman Day

Catapult Challenge...

Mosaic Tiles



Exploring the Romans we used gold, silver and red to design our own shields. Here are our designs.

Roman Numerals

In maths we have been learning our Roman Numerals to 100. We made Roman Numerals out of matchsticks to challenge our partner. Can you guess the number?


Practise your times tables for the class challenge here:

Other useful websites:


Challenge yourself to change the sentence in 5 different ways.

James and the Giant peach telephone calls...


Below is the Year 3 and 4 spelling list.



We were investigating what was an electrical conductor or insulator. It was great fun seeing what materials conducted or insulated our circuit to make our bulb light up. Abe


The Digestive System

 We put bread, water and vinegar through different 'organs' to show how our digestive system works. Have a look at the photos, some parts were rather disgusting! - Merryn

I liked following the digestive system process, step by step to see where the food goes to - Teddy

I loved how we found out where and how our poo comes out! - Hermione