Mrs Samtaney-Roberts : Reception

         Mrs Hammerton : Reception


Welcome to the Reception class website!

This is some of the things we have been up to in January...

Science Week:

The Reception children have completed lots of exciting experiments and investigations as part of Science Week. Our topic for this part of the half term is ‘Under the Sea’ so we decided to link some our investigations to water. We experimented with materials that could float and sink, developing our scientific language being to explain why things happen. Additionally, as a whole class we created ‘An Ocean in a bottle’ and linked this to the story Mr Seahorse by Eric Carle. We poured water, food colouring and oil into a bottle and the children completed some observations. They were amazed with the results! The children have also ventured outside to explore mini-beasts and other living things. This inspired them to create their own mini-beast poster.

Arts Week:

Monday 19th February was the start of Arts week. The children in Reception took part and they thoroughly enjoyed it. The children created large scale trees using newspaper and painted giant leaf circles in the style of Kandinsky. The children linked their creative writing around the story 'The Bog Baby' which is set in the forest and made their own Bog Baby using socks or gloves. 

Quotes from some of the children:

‘I used a sock to make a Bog Baby. I put legs on and one eye. It was fun’ Rafferty T

‘I really enjoyed printing the leaves’ Archie C ‘

I liked sticking the tree together’ Dylan S

‘I liked gluing the tree because it was so sticky’ Noah V

‘I really enjoyed making the tree. It was really cool and sticky’ Isabella P