Foreign Languages

 French Whole School Yearly Overview

Children in Year 5 are very excited about a brand new school link set up between a primary school in France, l'Ecole Pont de Soulles and Addingham Primary School. The French children in class CM2 (the equivalent of our Year 6) and their class teacher, Madame Hervé, have sent over letters and photographs of themselves and their school. Our Year 5 have in turn sent letters across the Channel and plans are underway to form individual 'penpal' links between the children.

Madame Vert (Mrs Green)


Children in Year 5 were delighted to receive individual Christmas cards from their French penfriends at the Ecole du Pont de Soulles in Coutances, France. The cards arrived along with a very special guest:  Marguerite, the cow. Cows symbolise Normandy’s dairy industry, and the apple on Marguerite’s ear represents Normandy’s cider production. Her knitted scarf was, of course, the colours of the French flag. Year 5 plan to photograph Marguerite on her travels around the School and Addingham, sending the pictures to our French penfriends. Our next task is to find an Addingham duck to send across to the children of ‘classe CM2’… and to choose a name!